Being called feminine can be a highly gracious compliment. It carries a certain significance that shows others see you as a woman of class and sophistication. Women who have been considered as feminine tend to be popular among the men and women will love and envy you as a beauty. So want to know just how to be more feminine? These tips will help you with just that.

Learn These Tips to Be More Feminine


​Wear what flatters you

Skip the baggy clothes and items that are too tight and choose a wardrobe that fits your body type. A feminine look is one that will show your sexy lines but keeps you looking classy. Stick with colors that are flattering to your skin tone as well.


Make-up should enhance

While the natural look is favorable, there is no reason you shouldn't use makeup to enhance your natural features. Make-up should be worn for the appropriate time of day and occasion. The essential you should have on hand should include lip gloss, mascara, eye-liner and a bronzer or powder.


Stay in your healthy weight

You don't have to be skinny to be feminine, but maintaining a healthy weight is essential. Women have a variety of different shapes and sizes, but they all have a healthy weight they should stay in. Whether you are curvy or thin, sticking with an exercise routine and eating right will help you find the ideal shape.


Watch your language

Feminine women are ladies, which means they tend to not cuss often if not at all. Watch the words you use out in public and keep the foul language at bay.


Listen more

You don't have to know everything and when you don't, it is better to listen instead of acting like you know more than you do. Feminine women won't try to show off their intelligence, especially when it is on a subject they may not know much about.


Lower your voice

You can have the look down, but if you want to know how to be more feminine, you want to control the volume of your voice. The volume of your voice should be easily heard by the person next to you but not loud enough so that the entire venue can hear your conversation.


Be charming and confident

Many people have the misconception that to be feminine they have to be a little snobbish or give others the cold shoulder. Being feminine is a balance between being playful and flirty. You don't want to rub the women the wrong way or give men the wrong impression, but you do want to be friendly and confident around everyone you meet.


Don't compete with others

Being feminine means you tend to be happy for other people's accomplishments instead of jealous of them. Jealousy can be an ugly trait and there isn't a reason to be competitive, so try your best to be happy for those who gain success for the hard work they put in as well.


Mind your manners

Saying "please" and "thank you" can go a long way, and so can treating everyone with the same courtesy. Being polite can fill the air with classiness which is what being feminine is all about.


Keep your hair long

While there is nothing wrong with having a daring short cut, long luxurious locks is what sets women apart from men. Healthy long hair is one of the most notable traits of a woman who is feminine. Grow your hair long and maintain a healthy shine.


Keep yourself well groomed

Women who are feminine are well groomed. They take pride in their appearance by having their hair professionally done. They shower on a daily basis, use feminine fragrance and keep their skin and nails well maintained.


Don't be afraid to have an opinion

Wonder how to be more feminine when you have an opinion to express? While you don't want to give the impression that you know more than others or that you are better than anyone else, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.


Educate yourself

Being feminine is not just about the look. Feminine women are eager to learn and seize every opportunity that comes their way. They work hard, educate themselves and try to be open to new experiences. They know that what makes them more feminine is the knowledge and they have not just the look they give off.


Treat yourself

Being feminine is not just about how you look and act in others eyes, but also how you treat yourself. Pamper yourself with a trip to a spa, quality lingerie, facial and massages and you will feel more feminine which will carry over to how others see you.


Surround yourself with flowers

Whether it's in your home, a floral print or in your hair, flowers are an iconic symbol of femininity. Flowers resemble women in a number of ways - they are both delicate, sweet smelling and beautiful. If you want to appear more feminine, then surround yourself with lilies, daisies or roses.


Be kind

Feminine women are kind to everyone they meet and know. They treat everyone with the same generosity and compassion. This can partly be because they understand that the more kindness you send out into the world, the more that will be returned.


Have standards

Feminine women are carefully about who they surround themselves with and who they get involved with. They don't play games when it comes to relationships and they definitely aren't interested in hook-ups and one night stands. They set standards for how they allow others to treat them in all areas of their lives from friends and significant others to coworkers and strangers. 



When trying to find how to be more feminine, one of the easiest ways is simply to smile. Smiling more lets everyone else know you have a positive attitude and are excited about life. Being feminine doesn't mean being serious all the time; it means spreading more joy and happiness which can be done by smiling more.


Don't judge

The one thing that will immediately take away your femininity is talking bad about someone else or judging others. You don't want to partake in the gossip or passing rumors along, so instead take the higher road. Don't add to the harsh judgments and know when to keep a secret.


Be yourself

Learn to love yourself and to embrace all your flaws. All these things make you unique and every feminine woman is unique in her own way because she is confident with herself. When you love yourself, others will love you more too.


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