It is not easy to say what average height for 10 year old boy should be, and that is mainly because the spectrum for normal growth is quite broad. However, you may always hear the parents ask, “What size should my boy be?” With so much concern shown by parents, it was important to provide them with some guidelines – growth charts. Let's find out more about what is considered normal and what is not.

Average Height for 10 Year Old Boy and Girl

You have to understand that everything is fine so long as your child continues to grow steadily through years. During some years, the growth rate can be rather strong, and these are usually referred to as "growth spurts". During these phases, your child is likely to get more height or weight quickly. Experts believe that if your child grows about five pounds each year, everything is going just fine. Here is something more about the average height for 10 year old boy and girl.

  • 10-Year-Old Boy: At the age of 10, it is considered normal if your boy is around 54.5 inches. His weight could be around 68 pounds, but anything between 57 pounds and 100 pounds is normal.

  • 10-Year-Old Girl: Your 10-year-old girl is growing just fine if her weight is about 70 pounds. Also, anything between 53 pounds and 102 pounds is considered normal. The average height of a 10-year-old girl is around 54.5 inches.

How to Support the Development of a 10-Year-Old

You do not need to panic if you think that your 10-year-old is shorter than what is considered normal at that age. The same holds true for their weight. Their body weight certainly gives some information about their overall health, but it does not tell the complete story. Nevertheless, you can support the development of your child by paying attention to the following points:


Expect your 10-year-old to be hungry all the time. Both boys and girls at this age are likely to eat plenty of foods. Give them healthy food and try to eat as a family to ensure that they are not eating any junk foods. Keep snacks out of your house and discuss more about eating a balanced diet with your kids.


Ensure that your child is getting enough sleep. Desire to play with friends or too much homework can affect their sleep habits. You need to pitch in and help them learn how to manage their time better without affecting the quality of their sleep. Ensure that you have selected a bedtime that does not change even on weekends.


Kids are likely to explore their bodies at this age, so you may want to have 'the talk' with them. You have to understand that kids today are much more advanced physically as compared to older generations, so do not leave the topic of 'sexuality' untouched. They should know how their bodies work, and they should also have information about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Better Lifestyle

You have to understand that good health does not only mean that you need to support your kids to grow in a healthy way, but it also means that you need to help them adapt a better lifestyle. Help them understand the importance of having a strong social circle. Set specific rule regarding TV, music, video games, and movies. Also, ensure that they know they should stay away from smoking and other bad habits.

Average Weight and Height for Boy and Girl

What weight and height are considered normal for boys will be a bit different for girls of the same age. Here is a bit more about it:


  • 2 to 8 Years: The average height of a 2-year-old boy is 34 inches, whereas the average weight is 28 pounds. Boys at age four are likely to be 40 inches tall with 36 pounds of weight. By age six, they are 45 inches tall with 46 pounds of body weight. The average height for an 8-year-old boy is 50 inches with 56 pounds of body weight.

  • 10 to 14 Years: Boys are usually 55 inches tall at age 10. They have 70 pounds of body weight at this age. They are 58.5 inches tall with 90 pounds of body weight at age 12. At age 14, expect them to be at least 64 inches tall with 112 pounds of body weight.

  • 16+ Years: After age 16, boys are likely to grow rapidly as compared to girls. A 16-year-old boy has 134 pounds of body weight with 68 inches of height. The average height for boys from age 18 on is between 69 and 70 inches, whereas the average weight is between 148 and 160 pounds.


  • 2 to 8 Years: A 2-year-old girl is 34 inches tall with 27 pounds of body weight. The average height becomes 40 inches by age four – the average weight at this age is 34 pounds. The average height is 45 inches and weight is 46 pounds by the time a girl is 6 years old. Expect an 8-year old girl to be 50 inches tall with a weight of 58 pounds.

  • 10 to 14 Years: The average height for a 10-year-old girl is 54 inches, whereas the weight is 72 pounds. The weight becomes 92 pounds at age 12 – the average height at this age is 59 inches. A 14-year old girl is likely to be 63 inches tall with 109 pounds of body weight.

  • 16+ Years: A 16-year old girl can be up to 64 inches tall with 119 pounds of body weight. The height tapers off from age 18 on and usually stays between 64 and 65 inches, whereas the weight stays around 130 pounds.

Something That You Should Keep in Mind

It is natural to feel concerned and inquire about the average height for 10 year old boy and girl, but you need to bear certain facts in mind. For instance:

  • Keep in mind that weight and height charts provide some guidelines only and they are not truly accurate, especially for young boys and girls.

  • Keep in mind that girls and boys have growth spurts during their early years, so there are always chances that they will grow taller quickly or gain weight in no time.

  • Consider using height to weight charts for boys and girls along with a BMI calculator for kids to get a better idea about their growth rate.


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