Your best friend and your boyfriend are probably two of the most important people in your life and you couldn't imagine having to make a choice between the two. While the relationship you have with your best friend and the one you have with your boyfriend varies on many levels, you might run into a situation where you have to choose between the two. Do you choose your best friend over your boyfriend or vice versa? Well, that depends. Here we will talk when you should definitely choose best friend instead of boyfriend.

When Should You Choose Your Best Friend Over Boyfriend?

Her boyfriend broke up with her.

When your best friend is going through a breakup, whether it is by surprise or she had seen the end of the relationship coming, she'll need your support. This is a time you should definitely cancel plans with your boyfriend to comfort her.

If she broke it off with her boyfriend.

Even if you are happy she broke up with him, she'll still need you. It doesn't matter who broke up with who really, when your best friend is going through a heartbreak, you really need to reschedule with your boyfriend.

You haven't had a girl's night in weeks.

If you let too much time pass since the last time you hung out with your best friend, you need to make time for her. It may be nice to stay in with your boyfriend but you need your girl time too.

She's having a do it yourself crisis.

Whether it's stringing garland for her sister's baby shower or baking cupcakes for her niece's birthday, you should come to her rescue. When your best friend is in a jam with a do it yourself project and needs an extra set of hand to help her get it done, do the things a best friend will do.

She needs a plus-one.

If you best friend needs a date, step up as her plus one. Choose your best friend over boyfriend so she's not stuck alone at another wedding and also give your boyfriend the night off to hang with his friends.

You had a fight.

You may both need some time to cool off after a recent fight but you don't want to let too much time pass. You'll want to try to make things right as soon as possible to mend the damage from any recent fights.

She may have found the one.

You could let her sort this one out for herself, but determining if her current boyfriend is the one is something best friends are supposed to be there to help sort out. Tell your boyfriend you'll be back later, go to pick up a bottle of wine and help your best friend realize what she really wants from a relationship.

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Why Should You Choose Your Best Friend Over Boyfriend?

While you know the situations where you absolutely must choose your best friend instead of your boyfriend, it's a good idea to remember why you should do like this.

  • She loves you no matter what. Your best friend has been there with you through the worst time and has seen you at your worst.

  • She's been there longer than your boyfriend. She's probably been a major part of your life for a significant amount of time.

  • You are more relaxed with her. You may have fun with your boyfriend but you have a different kind of fun with your best friend that you can't experience with your boyfriend.

  • You can be yourself and not worry about trying to impress her.

  • She would drop everything to come to your rescue.

  • She won't judge you. You can talk freely about anything and she will be understanding with everything you say.

  • You never doubt your best friend. You can sometimes question your relationship with your boyfriend, but you've never done that with your relationship with your best friends

  • She has always been there through your breaks ups and has helped you put yourself back together.

  • You know that when things get tough and you just want to run away, you best friend will be the one to go on the run with you.

  • You can cuddle and watch a movie together and it won't be sexual.

  • They have given you more life experiences and your best friend has done more favors that your boyfriend has.

  • Why should you choose your best friend over boyfriend? She'll never let you down, forget your birthday or miss an important event in your life, comparing to your boyfriend.


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