What causes those veins in your hands and arms to bulge, especially if you are not that aged? Talking about that reminds me of the hands of Angelina Jolie and Madonna. Is it something to worry about? In most of the cases, there is nothing wrong in having those bulging veins on your hands except that they would keep getting nastier with time. But still these visible veins in arms are treatable. Let’s try to dig out more about them.

What Causes Bulging Veins in Arms?

These bulging veins on your hands and arms are also known as vascularity, spider or varicose veins. These are not something to worry about, it’s just the normal veins that we all have to carry blood from our hands back to the heart. In some cases, particular circumstances cause them to swell or bulge without any pain or discomfort.

Elasticity of Skin Due to Age or Genetics

Our skin is prone to losing its elasticity with age and time. In most of the cases, it happens with age, while some experience it at an early age too. That may involve genetics, as some people have a different skin pigmentation or a different level of body fats genetically. Whatever the reason is, as the skin relaxes, it also thins down, making the veins more visible.

Too Little Body Fat

People who are very thin or have recently lost much weight often have this kind of problem. 


Indulging in too much physical exercise may cause the rise in blood pressure in arteries. This pressure forces the blood plasma to pool around, making the muscles hard and swelled. That eventually, forces the veins outwards, making them more prominent. Once you stop the exercise, veins may go back to their normal position.

Hot Weather Conditions

Sometimes, too much exposure to hot weather can also cause the bulging veins in arm. Hot temperature not only enlarges the veins but also hinders in the proper functioning of vein valves.

Bulging of the Veins and Vascular Diseases

Like I already mentioned that vein bulging is a normal thing. But some vascular diseases may cause veins bulging. There are a number of reasons behind vascular diseases. Some of them may include:

  • Certain injury to blood veins or physical indolence

  • Genetically transmitted diseases

  • Smoking

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

If you have vascular diseases, you are like to also have symptoms like:

  • Feeling heavy in limbs

  • Reduced mobility or pain

  • Discoloration of skin on arms or hands

  • Weakness of muscles

  • Difficulty breathing or fatigue

Varicose veins is another issue that causes the twisting, enlarging and lumping of the veins in various parts of body, including arms. Varicose veins also cause the discoloration of arms as the veins turns blue or purple. The reason behind these varicose veins is the ill-functioning of blood flow towards heart or too much pressure on that particular part of body (especially legs and feet). Our blood veins are consisted of a number of tiny valves that make sure that blood does not flow backwards to the heart. Any harm or damage to these tiny valves may cause the blood to flow in the opposite direction and that causes the blood to get collected in the vein. That collection of blood enlarges the veins and they appear as bulging veins in arms or legs. Varicose veins are common among pregnant women, elderly persons or overweight people.

How to Prevent Varicose Veins

  • Moderate and consistent exercising is the best solution. It would help normalizing the blood circulation in the body and would not leave any pressured area.

  • If you are overweight, avoid sitting or standing for longer period of times. Give yourself regular breaks every 30 minutes in a day.

What Can Be Done about Bulging Veins?

These bulging veins are not any serious threat to your health in most occasions. Though they appear unpleasant to eyes, they don’t affect the overall blood circulation of in the body. Still if you want to get rid of them, there are various methods and tricks usually applied for treating them. All you need is to find out a specialist phlebologist or dermatologist to get it treated.

Diagnosis First!

  • Angiogram or ultrasound are the two ways used by doctors to diagnose these veins before treating them.

  • Physical tests like running or treadmill exercises are recommended to check the pressure of blood in different parts of body.


Ways to Treat

Surgery is not the only option for bulging veins. Advancement of technology has introduced a lot of minimally invasive methods of treating the


Regular Exercise

Regular exercise would keep you fit and it would lessen the pressure on your circulatory system, caused by being overweight.


Proper Diet

Opt for low sodium and high fiber diet to avoid any risk of swelling or inflammation. It may cause unnecessary pressure on your veins.


Loosely Fit Clothing

To get rid of those bulging veins in arms, avoid body hugging clothes, as they make it hard for your skin to breathe. Prefer loosely fitted clothes to ensure an uninterrupted blood circulation.


Clearing the Blockage

If the blockage is diagnosed, it can be treated in two ways. Firstly, a special device is inserted in the vessel to keep it open and the blockage is removed using the device. Secondly, the whole damaged or blocked segment of veins is removed.



It’s a simple method that involves no use of anesthesia or any other costly procedures. Salt water or ‘sclerosant’, a chemical solution, is injected in the affected veins. With time, the bulging knots will finally disappear. The only complication this method involves, is that you have to keep on wearing compression gloves for about two weeks after the completion of the procedure.


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