The holiday is filled with excitement and cheer. Most enjoy the extra time off to spend with family, relaxing and indulging in good food and some much-needed sleep. Others like to hit the slopes or get away for a few days to recharge for the upcoming year. While Christmas is filled with magic, there is also a little bit of stress that can come along with it, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the guy in your life. Then we're here to help!

Wonderful Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend



If your boyfriend loves music or you know he listens to music a lot while working out, the headphones can be the perfect gift. Get him a durable hi-tech set of headphones that you know he will love and get a lot of use out of.


Beard Grooming Kit

Men take pride in their beards and if your man is growing out his facial hair, he'll love this gift. Find a beard grooming kit that comes with all the essentials like a trimmer, comb, facial cleanser and conditioner for his beard.


Shaving Kit

If your boyfriend, on the other hand, doesn't like the way he looks with a beard, you can also get him a nice shaving kit. These kits come with razors, blades, gels, and shaving creams. After shaving, some will even throw it in a nice travel bag to store everything.



Unless you guy is one of the rare ones, chances are he loves a nice comfy hoodie. Don't just buy any hoodie; buy one he probably wouldn't get himself like a quilted hoodie. It will keep him warm but will still be fashionable enough to wear just about anywhere.


Virtual Reality Headset

This is a great gift for any guy who loves to play video games, and most guys do. A virtual reality headset will take his gaming experience to a new level, but just be sure he remembers to make time for you while he is enjoying it.


Desktop Arcade Game

If your boyfriend works in an office most of the time, then he might be enjoying have this on his desk. A little miniature game that he can have tucked away in the corner of his desk might help him pass the down time he has during the work day.


Folding Bike

This is one of the Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend that is perfect for city dwellers. If you know your boyfriend would love to bike around the city instead of having to commute on train or bus but doesn't have the room for a traditional bike, this is the perfect match for him.



For those who have been in a relationship for a while, it's hard to go wrong with giving a timeless and stylish watch to your boyfriend. Whether he needs to upgrade the watch he's been wearing or has a little collection of watches, this can be a great gift for your man.


Beer Making Kit

Just about every guy likes to relax with a cold on every now and then, so a beer making kit can be your guy's favorite gift. There are many you can choose from, so you might want to know his preference in beer types such as IPAs or Stouts in advance.



Whether they are with his favorite cartoon character or just a nice fuzzy pair, slippers are always a great gift. If you and your boyfriend live separately, this can be a great gift so that he can wear whenever he comes over.


Coffee Lovers Set

Coffee grinder, French press and a bag of his favorite coffee beans will have your boyfriend thinking of you when he starts his morning, if your guy loves coffee.


Ties and Tie Hanger

Your guy can't have too many ties, so choose a few nice ones to add to his collection. Adding in a tie hanger will allow him to keep all his ties neat and organized.


Knitted Hat

If you live in an area where the winters can be bitter cold, your man will be grateful for a winter hat to stay warm. With so many different styles, colors, and designs, there is a hat perfect for any guy.



If your guy isn't the hat type, then a great alternative can be a pair of earmuffs. Skip the traditional earmuffs and go a sleek and modern style that is more manly.


Dress Shirt

Most guys have a limited number of nice dress shirts in their closet and will rarely buy a new one unless they absolutely have to. Give him a nice dress shirt to wear for the holiday parties, so he doesn't have to go buy a new one in the future. This can be one of the thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.



Maybe your boyfriend is counting down the days until a much needed sunny vacation, or he just simply needs a new pair of shades sunglasses. Even if he already has a pair, it never hurts to have an extra pair in case he can't find his.


Bath Robe

Who doesn't enjoy a warm fuzzy robe to wrap up in after a nice hot shower? Most guys probably won't buy themselves a bathrobe because they might see it as too feminine, but that doesn't mean they don't want one.


Pajama Set

Silk pajamas, warm fleece pajamas or just a nice comfy set of plaid pajamas are a great gift for any guy. Give you boyfriend a nice set of PJs to wear Christmas night that will make snuggling more enjoyable.


Boxers or Briefs

Giving your boyfriend this can be a cute and subtle way to spice things up in the bedroom. Just because he's a guy doesn't mean he won't enjoy a sexy and soft pair of boxers or briefs that can make him feel comfortable all day long.


Mobile Phone Bike Mount

If your guy loves to get around on his bike, then he'll love this gift. You can find a phone mount for his bike, so if he ever needs to have direction on hand, he can access them without having to stop to check his phone while en route.



Wallets are just one of those items that guys tend to wait until absolutely necessary to replace. If your boyfriend needs a better way to carry around his money and cards, find a sleek and stylish wallet for him this Christmas.


Weekend Getaway

Every couple needs to get away to unwind and relax. Book a weekend stay at a hotel or beach house. You can also just book a quick getaway for your guy a luxury Golf resort that he would be completely happy with.



A drone is perfect for any tech-savvy guy or one who likes to take stunning images or videos. You can find an easy to fly drone that is small yet powerful. This is one of the Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend that is a perfect fit for guys of any age.


Shoes or Boats

Whether it's a new pair of winter boots or an edgy pair of dress shoes, your guy will be thankful for an extra pair of stylish shoes. When shopping for the right shoe, just make sure you are thinking of his personal taste and preferences and it's a pair that he will get a lot of use out of.



If your guy is the book lover type, then you can't go wrong with giving him some books to add to his library. Stick with books that he probably wouldn't buy himself but that you know he would love, like cookbooks, biographies or something by his favorite author that has been just released.


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