While we know men will give a definite “Yes” when asked if they like oral sex, there is often some confusion as to whether women enjoy it as much as well. Whether it is just the receiving women like or the giving they enjoy, if you have every asked "do women like oral sex", this article will give you the answers you are looking for.

Do Women Like Giving Oral Sex?

Every woman is different when it comes to giving oral sex. Some really enjoy the act while others are completely turned off by the idea.

  • Unless I am incredibly into that person, I don't like giving oral sex. Most guys expect it and even do that annoying head push thing. I have no desire to have someone's genitals in my mouth.

    -Hannah 25

  • When I know he is loving, I love giving it!.

    -Jamie 23

  • I love oral sex. It puts some excitement into the sex because there are so many ways you can have perform foreplay.

    -Tina 28

  • For me, oral sex is a little more personal than sex which is why I would only do it with someone I really in love with. When there's a strong connection in the relationship, I love doing it, but I don't just do it with anyone.

    -Marry 30

  • For me, giving oral isn't much fun. I do it because I know my boyfriend enjoys it, but it's not a turn on or anything like that for me.

    -Sarah 21

  • I love it! There is something so hot about watching my boyfriend squirm and get turned on that I just want to do it all the time.

    -Cathy 28

Do women like oral sex? Based on women's sharing, you can see there is no doubt that the answer will vary with the partner and circumstances. For most women, there are specific things that just about every woman hates when giving oral sex. Keep the following things in mind when it comes to ask your girl for giving oral sex for what they don't like.

  • When a guy doesn't keep things clean and tidy down, there is a huge dislike. No woman enjoys going down on a guy that hasn't properly clean or trimmed himself.

  • Women don't like to spend too much time giving oral sex, even if they love doing it. If it takes longer than 10 or 15 minutes for a guy to orgasms from oral sex, then you need to give her mouth a break.

  • When a woman gives oral, she wants to know that you are enjoying it. If you are not letting her know that you like what she's doing or even give out a little moan of pleasure, she won't feel confident about going down on you in the future.

  • One of the things many women can't understand is why guys refuse to kiss them once they have giving oral sex. Most women kiss their guys when they are done, but this is not the same for guys. It makes them wonder why you won't kiss them when it was your penis in their mouth?

  • While it doesn't have to happen every single time, if a girl goes down on you, she most likely is expecting some kind of return favor. Do women like oral sex? Yes, both giving and receiving! Women hate that they are always expected to go down on their partners, but they never get anything in return.

Do Women Like Receiving Oral Sex?

After talking about giving oral sex, how do they feel about receiving oral sex?

  • I know I should enjoy it, but for me getting oral sex isn't something that really turns me on. For the most part, if I am not really focusing on what he is doing, I end up falling asleep.

    -Laura 27

  • I love oral sex but only if they know what they are doing. There is nothing worse than giving obvious hints and verbal instruction for what I like them to do but they just think they already know what they are doing.

    -Amber 30

  • I am not a fan, or I can say I just hate it. I have giving it a try but simply just wish for it to be over. It does nothing for me but gives me anxiety attacks and gross me out.

    -Carla 29

  • I can live without it. Most often I only agree to receive oral because I know my boyfriend likes doing it, and he's not bad at it. While he is going down on me, I tend to plan out the rest of my week in my head or create a to-do list.

    -Amy 31

  • Can't stand. I am sure that I could enjoy it but most guys are really bad at it. It just gets frustrating after a few a while.

    -Lexi 29

Do women like oral sex as the receiving part? You can see most women can in fact live without it. This is mainly because the person giving it isn't doing something they enjoy. So guys, you may want to keep these things women hate when receiving oral sex in mind.

  • Most women need a little foreplay or build up before a guy jumps right into oral sex. One of the things women hate is that a guy doesn't take the time to tease and stimulate her before going down on her.

  • When a guy just focuses on the clitoris during oral sex, it can get boring and even painful. Men who don't know how to work the rest of the area will only frustrate women during oral sex.

  • When you make any act in the bedroom a goal to be checked off, she won't enjoy it and the guy tends to not focus as much attention on actually pleasing her.


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