Cocoa, the primary ingredient of dark chocolate, contains flavonoids that can have many benefit effects on the body. These include lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels within the blood, as well as helping to improve cardiovascular health. These benefits are best achieved by consuming dark chocolate in moderation. When asking if dark chocolate makes you fat, the answer depends on how much you eat.

Does Dark Chocolate Make You Fat?

Dark chocolate, unlike milk chocolate, contains no dairy. Dark chocolate is made entirely from cocoa and cocoa butter, often with no added sugar (though this is not always the case). Dark chocolate generally contains more cocoa than milk chocolate does, though there is no specific amount that it has to contain to be considered dark chocolate. Cocoa is essential a fermented, fatty seed, which is originally extracted from theobroma cocoa. The seeds are then fermented and used to create cocoa solids and cocoa butter, which is then used to create chocolate.

As mentioned, the flavonoids within dark chocolate give it numerous health benefits when consumed in moderation. That being said, it does not mean that there are no negative side effects to chocolate consumption. When asking – does dark chocolate make you fat? The simple answer is yes, if you eat too much. Dark chocolate has a high amount of both calories and fat. This means that if you eat too much dark chocolate, you will likely put on weight easily. For this reason it is recommended that you limit your consumption of dark chocolate to no more than 7 ounces a week (one ounce a day). When eaten in this amount, you will be sure to obtain all of the good health benefits associated with the consumption of dark chocolate, whilst minimizing the chance of weight gain. This is, of course, determined by how much you diet and exercise as well.

Below is just an example of dark chocolate nutritional fact so that how much fat, sugar and carbs you are taking into (read the label for exact info):

It would be extremely hard to lose weight without a proper diet and exercise regimes. Eating chocolate cannot help you lose weight and should be seen as a treat to complement a healthy and well-balanced diet. The best time to consume this treat is when you experience hunger cravings. If you find yourself extremely hungry in between meals and want to snack, then dark chocolate is a good option. Due to the high amount of fat and calories within dark chocolate, it will help to satisfy your cravings and curb your hunger until your next meal, whilst also give you the great benefits from the flavonoids.

Dark chocolate is full of healthy fats that, when consumed, can help your body to lose weight. Completely restricting all fat consumption within your diet will actually have a negative effect on weight loss as the body retains it’s stored fat more due to the lack of the substance being consumed. For this reason, eating good fats, such as those found within dark chocolate, can help you to shed pounds.

What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate?

The health benefits of dark chocolate, as stated, are due to the flavonoids within them. Flavonoids are a type of antioxidant found within many foods, the type found within dark chocolate is known as polyphenols. Health benefits include:

  • Decrease Bad Cholesterol

Eating dark chocolate can not only help to reduce bad cholesterol levels within your body, but the fats within dark chocolate don't increase cholesterol. These fats are oleic acid and stearin acid, neither of which raise cholesterol levels.

  • Decrease Blood Pressure

Many people have found that their blood pressure has decreased after consuming dark chocolate in moderation, sometimes taking as little as a week to have a positive effect.

  • Boost Mood

Consuming dark chocolate can lead to the release of feel good chemicals within the brain (endorphins and serotonin). This can help to relax you, decrease levels of stress, and increase your overall mood.

  • Cardiovascular Benefits

Dark chocolate helps to increase blood flow, working to improve cardiovascular health whilst decreasing the possibilities of blood clots.

  • Minerals

Dark chocolate also contains healthy minerals that are great for the body, including calcium, potassium and magnesium.

The simple answer to the question – does dark chocolate make you fat? Is yes, just as most food can when eaten consistently and in large quantities. However, it can prove to be somewhat of a superfood when eaten in moderation. It may be wise to speak with a fitness coach or dietician to best achieve your weight loss goals with ease.


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