If you have a problem with your vision, you are often required to choose between contact lenses and eye glasses. While eye glasses have plenty of advantages, contact lenses give you a more crisp all-round vision and the liberty to be active. You’re also not tied to one monotonous look.

If you’ve never worn contacts, the prospect of putting a piece of plastic in your eye can seem harrowing – and rightly so. If you do not take the proper steps for wearing contacts, you can easily get into a sticky situation. Below are some tips on the easiest way to put in contacts.

How to Put In Contacts the Easy Way

If you’ve never done it before, putting in contacts can seem somewhat strange. After all, your reflexes are wired to reject anything that comes close to your eyes. However, putting on the lenses isn’t as hard as it seems and can be achieved effortlessly with some practice. Here’s how to go about it.

Wash Your hands

Make sure your contact lenses are not contaminated by any dust, makeup, or germs that can cause irritation in your eyes. For his reason, you should always wash your hands using plain soap that doesn't have any perfumes or moisturizers. Once you’re done washing your hands, rinse and dry them to avoid transmitting any contaminants into your eyes.


Make a habit Of Starting with the Same Eye

Contact lenses are made to fit each eye. You cannot wear the lens for your left eye on the right eye. Contacts look identical out of the box so you should make a habit of starting with the left eye if you’re left handed and the right eye if you’re right handed. By doing this, you’ll avoid the confusion experienced by contact lens users when inserting their contacts. You will be able to tell which is which without much thought. This is the easiest way to put in contacts.


Scooping Out the Lens

Using your index finger, pick up the lens. Ensure it’s curved upwards just like a bowl. Clean it carefully with contact lens solution to avoid contaminating your eye with germs and dirt. Once this is done, you’re ready to put in the contact.


Insert The Contact

Using your free hand, hold up the eyelid for the target eye and insert the lens. You can choose to look away as you put the contact in your eye. If you’re used to it, you won’t mind looking at the contact directly as it goes in. With some practice, you will be able to wear the contacts by pulling down the lower eyelid.

This is the most difficult part and step-by-step visual guidance can help a great deal. Here’s how:


If you don’t like the pull the lower eyelid way, here’s another method:


Is Everything Okay?

Make sure everything is okay by blinking and looking in the mirror. If nothing feels out of place, then you’re good to go.

Myths About Contacts

Now that you’ve learned about the easiest way to put in contacts, here are some of the myths associated with these lenses.

1. My contacts will slide to the back of my eye.

This is not possible since the conjunctiva membrane of the eye prevents this.

2. Contacts will stick to my eyes

Contact lenses are designed to stay in and slip out easily. You won’t have a hard time removing them whenever you want.

3. Contacts will pop out of my eyes

Contacts will stay in place until you’re ready to remove them. There’s no chance that they’ll fall out as you go about your daily activities. They have a suction action on the cornea that keeps them in place. However, if it’s inside out when you put them on, or you have the wrong size, they will move around and make you feel uncomfortable so you blink a lot, then the contacts will be forced out of your eyes.


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