Everyone does it. Masturbation is what we all have tried, but it is something that is best kept private and to your own room. Unfortunately, you're not always safe from being caught in the act. These embarrassing masturbation stories will remind you to lock the door and keep it down when you just intend to pleasing yourself.

Embarrassing Stories About Masturbation People Were Daring to Share


Lauren, Female, 25

One day while I was in the middle of pleasing myself, there was a knock on the door. Since I was almost to the point of climax I just decided to ignore it and figured they would go away. As I get myself worked back up, I get interrupted again by a knock at the door. Aggravated and slightly frazzled, I throw on a robe and swing the door open. I should have checked the peephole, standing on the doorstep was a group of Jehovah's Witnesses wanted to talk about our lord and savior.


Andrew, Male, 20

My college roommate walked in on me one day just as I was finishing the deed. Because I was so startled by his entrance into my room, some accidentally got in my eye. For the next few days, my eyes were terribly red and every time my roommate saw me he couldn't stop laughing. It was awkward every time he talked about it in front of people.


Jessica, Female, 33

When I was a teen, I decided one night that I wanted to try out my new dildo. This was before the internet made porn easily available, you had to instead stay up to watch the late night soft porn on Cinemax. I got myself ready, pants around my ankles, dildo in hand and waited for some stimulating scene. Then I woke up the next morning in the same position, pants down, dildo in hand but my bedroom door was wide open. I can hear my family moving about the house and my grandparents are visiting. No idea how many of them saw me in that position.


Alex, Male, 21

This is one of my embarrassing masturbation stories that actually don't include masturbating. I was drunk one evening at a friend's house, he had passed out already and his mom was working the night shift. I decided to look at some porn on my laptop while I was lying on the couch, I ended up falling asleep within minutes. In the morning my laptop was on the coffee table with the lid closed. My friend's mom publicly informed me that I left porn playing on my laptop when she came back.


Jared, Male, 17

I'm not proud of this. I used to work at a pizza place, one of my jobs was rolling the dough into balls. Being the horny 17 years old that I am, I quickly noticed how the balls of dough were similar to boobs in size and feel. One evening as I was closing up, I grab 3 balls of dough and took them home with me. I pretend two of the balls were boobs and made a little effort in the other. I put on a condom and got it on with the pizza dough balls.


Kim, Female, 22

I had recently moved into a new apartment and was having a little too much wine while unpacking. I decided to take a hot shower but the hot water ran out as I was in the middle of pleasing myself, so I decided to try out a new vibrator I had purchased. It was much larger than I am used to use. I watched my favorite movie and lay down on the living room floor. I instantly began moaning and had orgasm multiple times. I hadn't noticed how loud I was being until I hear “Five department, are you OK”. The door swung open as I frantically try to cover myself.


Andrea, Female, 18

One of my most embarrassing masturbation stories occurred while I was on vacation with my family. We were staying in a beachfront home and my room had a window that faced the outdoor patio. Not thinking anyone would know, I began to masturbate in the privacy of my room. I should have checked to see where the rest of my family was. A few minute late, I heard my dad say “We can see you”. Then I knew I didn't even bother to close the curtain before I started. It was the most awkward vacation of my life.


Bobby, Male, 18

I think I have too many stories about being caught in the act. Just about everyone in my family has walked in on me masturbating, more than once. It seems to be just a regular occurrence. Although, I think it would be less embarrassing if a friend would catch me. It is really awkward when your parents walk in, especially if it isn't the first time.


Sam, Female, 17

My mom recently walked in while I was in the middle of masturbating. I quickly tossed the covers over me but it was too late, she already knew what I was doing. She simply walked back out the room while reminding me to lock my door in the future because I wouldn't want my brother or father catching me in the act.


Elizabeth, Female, 20

When I was 17, I was caught masturbating by my friend and my father. I thought I could get in a quick session before she came over but I was wrong. They opened the door as I was in mid-act. My dad then proceeded to give me the “I have nothing to be ashamed of speech.” Not only was it one of my most embarrassing masturbation stories, it ranks up as one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.


People also shared their stories on Youtube. Anyway, maybe these make you think about yours.


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