The man-child - A grown male who looks like an adult but has the behavior actions that are more similar to a young teenage boy. We aren't talking just about poor eating choices; we're talking about the major problems that can make it emotionally difficult to have a real relationship with him now or in the future. Wondering how you can spot emotionally immature men so you don't end up wasting your time? Read on to discover some telling signs.

12 Signs of an Emotionally Immature Man

He's Never There When You Need Him

It doesn't matter how big or small the issues may be, when you need him he is never there. He feels inconvenienced when it comes to helping others and can't be bothered by someone else's problems. A man who is immature is someone who is simply unreliable and can never stay true to his word.

He's Afraid of Commitment

While most men might be a little fearful of getting serious in a relationship, immature man can't commit to anything. It isn't just with you relationship, he won't keep a job for very long as well. And his fear of commitment always seems to be because of someone else. His past relationships failed because of who he was dating, and the last job he had he was losing because of his boss. He not only is afraid of any type of commitment, but nothing is his fault.

His Behavior Is Questionable

A man who you are constantly embarrassed by is a prime example of an immature man. Whether it's drinking too much at the office party or taking phone calls at the inappropriate time, his behavior will speak loud and clear about how mature he is. Think twice about pointing this behavior out to him because this will only escalate into a full-blown tantrum from him.

You're Not a Priority

Does he ask how your day was? Has he met your parents? How does he act around your friends? Signs of emotionally immature men include ignoring your feelings or opinions. He won't be interested in putting you as a top priority, which is why he is less interested in how you are doing or getting to know the people closest to you.

He Plays Games

We aren't just talking video games, though if he spends most of his time in front of a game box, that is a clear indication of immaturity as well. The games he plays tend to be conflict with your time and emotions. He won't keep plans with you because something more fun tends to come up.

He's Selfish

He has no problem asking you to get him something, but will never return the favor. Any gift he gives will benefit him more than you, like tickets for you birthday to go to see a game that only he'd be interested in. An immature man is only thinking of himself and will be bothered when you think that you can just help yourself with what is theirs.

He'll Hold Grudges

He hasn't talked to family members because of some insignificant fight that happened five Christmases ago. When having any argument, he always brings up past mistakes you have made. Immature men won't let go of the things you have done wrong and will constantly use them against you in arguments or as the brunt of jokes in social gatherings.

He Doesn't Make Decisions

Signs of emotionally immature men include not being able to make a decision for himself. From major life decision to minute decision about what to eat, he doesn't want the responsibility of making choices he'll have to stick with. This is because when the choice that is made turns out to be less than ideal, he won't have to be blamed for it.

Nothing Is His Fault

Even when he knows he is in the wrong, he won't admit to it and don't ever expect an apology from him. They will be defensive and easily agitated when something does go wrong and they get blamed for. He always can blame someone else for the problems in his life and most often this person is going to be you. You will always be surprised by how easily he can turn anything around and place the blame on you instead of just owning up to it being his fault.

He Lies

No matter what it is, they will lie about it. Immature men will lie about everything and anything for no real reason at all. The only good side of this is that they are usually pretty bad at lying so it is easy to call them on it, though they will just lie about it even more.

He Ruins the Important Moments

They have a knack for making the most memorable days into a complete and total disaster. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays… you name it and they have managed to get mad and turn everything into a mess. One of the most obvious signs of emotionally immature men is that they won't put their own feelings aside for a few minutes just to ensure that you are happy and they aren't afraid of causing a scene in front of everyone and anyone.

Lack Understanding

You can repeat yourself until you are blue in the face, but he won't be understanding at all. Whether it's your feelings, wants or future plans, he doesn't care enough to listen to what you are saying and therefore is unable to understand what you mean. Everything seems like a personal attack on them and they won't understand when you finally have had enough.


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