When two individuals are in long-distance relationship, it becomes harder to maintain it. However, closeness is a matter of emotions and not distance. There are varying opinions regarding the success of long distance relationships with one set of people saying that such relations have no future, whereas others believe that such challenging situation can actually enhance the relationship because both of the partners try harder to make it work. Sadly, there comes a time when you both think it’s not gonna work.

What Are the Signs that You Should Be Ending a Long Distance Relationship?

There are many signs that signal you should end your long distance relationship:

  • You are more in distress and sad than being happy: If you spend more of your time being sad and in distress than being happy then it is time that you end your relationship. Though no relationship contains 100% good moments but if the bad moments outweigh the happy ones then it’s time to quit.

  • You are no longer making plans together: If you have no longer the idea of the time when the long distance scenario is ending or when you will be hugging each other then it is probably time to give up.

  • You are no longer chatting on skype/Viber/Whatsapp as frequently and as elaborately as you were doing before: Owing to the internet, communication is no longer a barrier in long distance relationships. However, if you start feeling that you are not chatting as often and not sharing enough information and neither of you points to the lack of communication, then it is time that you should be ending a long distance relationship.

  • You have become more and more suspicious of your partner: Chatting 24/7 does not imply that everything is ok between you and your partner. If you check up on your partner every hour and their not being online for more than 3 hours makes you anxious then this is more of a suspicious behavior than just a caring gesture. This means that the relationship is taking its toll on you and you should end it.

  • There is decreased intimacy with each visits: It is not just enough to have sex every time you are together. Intimacy means more than that. If you feel like an alien after not seeing each other for some time, then it is better to quit it now.

  • You are fighting most of the time: It is not a good sign to fight for weeks. Your relationship with your partner should be a healthy and wonderful piece of your life. If you are fighting over simple things such as which movie to watch, or what to eat for dinner, then it is time to consider what is actually going on? There may be something deeper and you need to talk and if things are not working out then call it quits.

  • You want different things from your future: In a relationship, it is important that you can talk about your future plans, what both of you want to have in the coming years. Do you want to have children? In which city would you like to settle? If you realize that your views are different and opposing and none of you are willing to make a compromise on them then it’s time to think about ending a long distance relationship.

  • None of your actions makes your partner happy: If you are doing your best to make your partner happy and none of your actions is making them happy then probably you are investing your time and energy on the wrong person. Even if after communicating your concerns, your actions are still not recognized, then it is time to stand up and show love and respect for yourself first.

  • You would prefer spending your money on buying clothes and other things than buying a plane ticket: This is a straightforward sign that you have outgrown the relationship and have a shift in priorities; hence, the time has come to end the relationship.

  • One of you cheats on the other: If one of you has found a new love or a new partner then it is better to communicate and end the long distance relationship.

Tips for Ending a Long Distance Relationship

  • Think about your decision to quit. Ensure that you understand the reason behind your breaking the relationship and do not do so in haste.

  • Call the person or video chat with them. Though breaking up in person is the best way to do so, since you are in a long distance relationship, you can opt for the other best way.

  • Avoid posting the break-up on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • If you are breaking up in person, then try to break up when you are visiting them rather them when they are visiting you. This makes it easier for you to leave the place.

  • Avoid saving the break-up for a long trip or a vacation.

  • Avoid creating a scene.

  • Tell the person in advance that you want to discuss something important and serious.

  • Initiate the conversation. Speak clearly and directly to the person about your feelings and tell them the reasons why you want to end the relationship.

  • Emphasize on the finality of the decision. Don’t leave doors open for the possibility of getting back again if you want to move on.

  • Give the other person closure. Be empathetic and patient. Let them speak their side of the story and listen. When the other person has nothing more to say, hang up. It’s over now.

  • Minimize your contact with the person as early as possible. Cut off all communication with them so that both of them can let go and move forward in your lives.


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