Staying in on a Saturday night in your PJ's while watching a marathon of your favorite TV show seems to be a much more appealing way to spend your evening than all the effort it takes to meeting up with your friends after a long week. Whether it's a social gathering with friends or a networking event for work, simply saying you don't feel like going is never the way to cancel your plans. It is often met with resistance and resentment but that doesn't mean you have to feel obligated to go. We've compiled some of the best excuses for not going out that you may want to consider using, but well, do so on a limited basis.

50 Best and Foolproof Excuses When You Don't Want to Go Out

1. “My dog is sick badly and just threw up all over the apartment.”

2. “I have a really terrible headache. Let me lie down and see if I feel better late.”

3. “I need to do my laundry.”

4. “I got drunk alone and now I’m too tipsy to come.”

5. “It’s too cold outside.”

6. “My car won't start and I'm waiting for someone to come and look at it.”

7. “My car has a flat and I don't have a spare tire.”

8. “I haven't washed my hair in four days, I really need to wash my hair.”

9. “I'm sorry but I have so much homework to catch up on.”

10. “I got dumped with extra work this week and need to have it finished by the morning.”

11. “I think I pulled something while working out.”

12. “Work was especially stressful today and I am just exhausted.”

13. “I totally forgot that I have a yoga class.”

14. “I think I might be getting sick, I better stay in in case I'm contagious.”

15. “I am waiting for my mom to call me back.”

16. Avoiding all phone calls and telling them your phone was left somewhere can also be one of excuses for not going out.

17. “It's going to rain.”

18. “I ordered dinner an hour ago and it still hasn't been delivered.”

19. “I can't get my hair to look good.”

20 “I seriously have nothing to wear.”

21 “My ex is supposed to be there.”

22 “I'm trying to save money.”

23 “I just got called into work.”

24. “I have to be up extra early for a meeting.”

25. “I totally forgot and I'm already in bed.”

26. “There was a new recipe I couldn't wait to try so I'm in the middle of making dinner.”

27. “I started a fire in my kitchen.”

28. “I'm really just not in the mood to be hit on or catcalled this evening.”

29. “I am almost done with this book I am reading and I just can't put it down.”

30. “I forgot I have a friend coming to visit this weekend and I need to clean my place.”

31. “My place is a wreck and I just need to clean it, I can't even find shoes to wear.”

32. “I twisted my ankle walking into my apartment just now.”

33. “I just bought this new book that I want to start reading.”

34. “I really need to catch up on some sleep.”

35. “I've been waiting for the UPS guy to deliver a package that I need to be here to sign for.”

36. “I completely forgot that I'm supposed to have dinner with my family.”

37. “I forgot it's my boss's birthday and the whole office is taking him out for dinner. Maybe I can meet you afterward?”

38. Some excuses for not going out may backfire like this one, “My cat ran out of the house and I need to go find him.” If you're using this on good friends, they may typically offer to come and help you find your beloved pet.

39. “Uber fares are outrageous right now, and I'd really love to come out but I can't afford to spend that on a ride to and from.”

40. “I think I might have food poisoning, and give your guys an advice: don't try that new sushi restaurant downtown.”

41. “I would love to go but I know (insert name of someone you dislike) is also going to be there. And I would much rather avoid all that drama this evening.”

42 “Sorry, I just started painting my nails. I'm waiting for the left hand to dry so I can start on the right and I totally didn't use the fast drying polish.”

43. “Aren't we supposed to go out Saturday? I can't afford to go out more than one night a week.”

44. “I just started these antibiotics for this chest cold I've had, so need to avoid the temptation to drink, I think I should just stay in.”

45 “My mom's car just broke down and I need to go pick her up from work.”

46. “I've had a pretty crappy day and I don't want to ruin everyone else's fun with my negative attitude."

47. “Crime has been up around here and I don't feel safe being out after dark or leaving my place unattended for the evening.”

48. “My goldfish just died and I am too distraught to go out and have fun right now.”

49. “My friend (insert name) just called and is really upset about breaking up with her boyfriend; I really need to be here for her right now.

50. Honesty, however, is the best policy. Avoid making up excuses for not going out and simply let your friends now, “I'd much rather just stay in tonight” or “I just don't feel like going out.”


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