There are many ways in which someone can be attractive to you, though appearance and how they look is often the first thing that grabs your attention. Whilst you should never blatantly stare at a potential partner, making eye contact is a great way to deduct whether the feeling of attraction is mutual. Flirting with eye contact is a non-intrusive way to show your interest, and see if it is reciprocated. Continue reading for useful tips on this method of flirting.

Essential Eye Contact Flirting Tips to Never Miss

The first thing to remember is that a warm, kind gaze is more effective than an intense and stern gaze. What you should aim to do is smile with your eyes, meaning that you relax the area around your eyes and soften your gaze. This will ensure that your face portrays an image that is welcoming, which will be more inviting to a potential love interests, whilst simultaneously insuring that you don’t make them uncomfortable with an unwelcoming gaze. Read on for more useful tips.

Don't stare

As mentioned above, staring at someone is never a good idea and will likely always end unfavorably. If you notice someone you like, try to establish eye contact with a fleeting glaze, once your eyes have locked, look at them for a second or so and then look away. You don't want to come across as a stalker.


Hold the gaze long enough

Following on from the previous point, you don't want them to think that you've just locked eyes with them accidentally, so ensure that you hold the gaze long enough (3-5 seconds) to express your interest in them, otherwise they may just think that you didn't mean to make eye contact, which obviously is not the intention when practicing eye contact flirting.



Flashing a smile is an excellent way to state your interest. This will be particularly effective if you time your smile perfectly, just after you make eye contact and right before you look away. This will help to show them that you are interested and haven't just accidentally locked eyes with them, whilst also giving them an opportunity to state their interest (by smiling back).


Use subtle gazing techniques

Clearly you don't want to try and make eye contact with someone who you know has no interest in you. If you fear the idea of making eye contact that is met with confusion or distain, then you may first wish to ascertain if they are interested. To do this, just keep an eye on them with the corner of your eye (don't make it obvious), and see how often they look in your direction. The more they look at you, the more interested they likely are.


Look every so often

Some people may smile back at you to just be courteous, others may think that the established eye contact was just an accident (even if you flash them a smile). Due to this, you should try to lock eyes a few times when practicing eye contact flirting, if they continue to lock eyes with you, and especially if they smile or look at your flirtatiously, then their interest can be well and firmly established. This will save you the embarrassment of approaching someone who isn’t interested.


Build the interest

Once you have successfully established eye contact with a potential partner, it is time to build interest. If you continue to stare at them obtusely, you may come across as desperate and their interest in you could plummet. Instead, don’t look at them for a few minutes, continue doing what you were doing before you first laid eyes on each other. This can cause them to wonder why you are no longer trying to make eye contact with them, causing them to look towards you more, and in turn building their interest in you.


Reverse flirting

If you try the tip noted in the point above and you notice that your potential love interest is looking at you in the corner of your eye, then smoothly look towards them and establish eye contact. This will make it look as though they are the ones initiating the eye contact, whilst also reaffirming your interest.


Hold the Gaze

After following the tips above, you may wish to now elevate your flirting game to the next level. Establish eye contact again but hold it a bit longer. If you can, offer them a flirtatious glance, not as though you are pervertedly checking them out, more to show your interest in them with a quick glance up and down.


Think what they are feeling

By now you should be able to know whether the feeling of desire is mutual. If they are looking at you as much as you are looking at them, as well as smiling often or checking you over with their glance, then it would be safe to assume that they are interested. As you make eye contact, look out for these signs of interest.


If you have to leave

If, for whatever reason, you have to leave wherever you are, try to do it so to ensure that they see you leave. You don't want to just disappear without them noticing otherwise everything was for nothing. You should also smile at them once more before exiting, or consider approaching them to initiate a conversation.


What to Do Next

After eye contact flirting for a while, interest between you and your potential love interest should be well established, so it is time to take it to the next level and engage in conversation with them. Whilst some believe that men should make the first move, it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to make the initial contact. If you have been locking eyes with each other then you should act fast and not let the opportunity go by. Simply introduce yourself, be nice, compliment them and see where the conversation goes. This will show that you have a confident character, making you even more appealing.


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