How did a guy like me end up with a princess like her?’ That’s the question that most of the boyfriends should ask themselves. Today, it is more and more difficult to find a boyfriend who treats his girl like someone filled with emotions and sensitivities. Boyfriends with a dominative attitude gradually take their relationship towards breakup. Such boys really need to learn how to be a better boyfriend. Here are some useful tips for boyfriends, to bring positive changes that can strengthen their relationship.

How to Be a Better Boyfriend


Be a friend before boyfriend. It all should be started with friendship. Be supportive, loving and caring just like real friends. Inquire in a friendly way what she likes or dislikes about you. And try to bring the changes recommended by her. This is the best way of winning her trust and strengthening your relationship.


Start it with small things. For girls, small gestures of love make big difference. Girls always want to feel special. A small text message or a call by you, when at job, would make her feel that you are thinking about her. And you are not taking this relationship for granted.


Give respect to her other relations. There would be many who have been a part of her life long before you. Instead of feeling insecure and jealous, you better respect her other existing relations. That may include her closest pals and family members. This would strengthen her belief in love.


Be honest about your past relationships. Both of you could have some deep past relations. As a good boyfriend, it is very important to let her know honestly about his past so that these things don’t hit you back in future. Even if she has some relationship, you should be brave enough to accept that whole-heartedly.


Love her as who she is. How to be a better boyfriend when you don’t accept her for who she is? Every person is unique in her own way. There might be many traits in her that you don’t like. This is where you are supposed to compromise. Never force her to change herself. Love her, the ways she is.


Don’t be a control freak! This is a common problem of most of the boyfriends. They always want to control things like, what she does, where she goes and above all, whom she meets. This dominative behavior is unacceptably wrong. Be open-minded about all her matters, if you really value her happiness.


Be expressive. You may be an introvert type of a person. Your shyness in expressing your feelings of love to her might damage this relation. Every girl wants her man to open his heart in front of her. If you have not been doing that lately, start it now.


Expressing your love to her is important. But words are not enough. Reveal your feelings passionately. To be a good boyfriend, you are supposed to satisfy her physically and emotionally. Other than getting cozy (hugging, kissing, holding hands) with her, arrange romantic candle night dinners with soft music.


Girls love surprises! A surprise date, dinner, a breakfast (while she is sleeping) or a surprise holiday trip, all such acts by you would make her feel special. So, don’t forget to plan something like that secretly, once or twice in a month. This would work like oxygen in your relationship.


Be a helping hand. When you are living together, your help in performing various everyday chores like, dish washing, grocery shopping or even cooking (sometimes), would make her believe that you really care for her. So, if you have not been doing it till now, this is the right time.


If you really want to learn how to be a better boyfriend, never forget her special days. Boyfriends never realize that girls are very particular about their special dates like birthday, valentine’s day or anniversaries. If you as the the boyfriend never cares, that bother about them. This may cause arguments between you and that’s not a healthy sign.


Be there for her, every time she needs you. Life is full of storms and to confront them, support of a dear one, is a blessing. Being her boyfriend, make sure that each time she feels devastated, you are standing by her side, irrespective of the reason.


A boyfriend must be aware of her non-romantic passions as well. Such passions may include her interests and hobbies. Knowing her passions, if you arrange some fun activities every now and then, it would make her believe that she really is someone special in your life.


Ovid has very rightly said, If you want to be loved, be lovable." As a boyfriend, you must be lovable enough that she never gets tired of you. Try to be better boyfriend by making yourself hot and attractive. Dress yourself well, stay fit, join some gym and have some sexy abs.


All girls are crazy about shopping. And if the one she loves buys her some favorite stuff, nothing could be more joyous for her. Other than buying things like a teddy bear to hug or a box of her favorite chocolates, you must buy her some nice piece of clothing, her favorite jacket or a handbag.


Know how to apologize. As we are discussing here about how to be a better boyfriend, we should discuss it from every angle. Having heating arguments is quite common among couples. But in most of the cases, boys don’t apologize. It’s a really hurtful practice. Forgetting your ego and making a simple apology can make things a lot better.


A good boyfriend would always praise her beauty. There are times when she is not looking her best, even in such times, you should keep on encouraging her. Make it your habit to keep complimenting her for how she looks or what she wears.


Make her a proud partner. Do your best in every field of life so that your partner feels proud of you. Your good reputation and honesty would make her walk proudly with you in public. Any act of defamation on your part can make her regret this relationship. So, you better be careful!!


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