In our daily life, we often meet some people who are really fond of themselves and like to boast of. These people are called narcissists. But actual narcissism is more than just having a big ego. It is a personality disorder in which people ask for admiration, feel overly important to the society but have less empathy to others. These people are very difficult to deal with. So the question arises,how to beat a narcissist? In fact, there are different strategies to deal with people suffering from narcissism.

How to Beat a Narcissist

There are certain ways to take advantage of a narcissist’s traits to deal with this kind of people if you are talented and emotionally strong. Some of the methods are listed below:

Play to Their Ego

Get him to act the way you want, by giving nice comments (without any sarcasm of course), and that is how you can change his attitude.


Play to Their Senses of Entitlement

Don’t tell them what you want directly, instead, happen to mention that casually. For example, if you want to send your children to a better school, you can say that “It seems that the most intelligent people will send their children to this school.”


Use the Jealousy Factor

You should make this kind of people think that others are jealous of them. For example, you can say “Honey, would people be jealous of us if we had (brand name) shoes/car or anything”.


Try Flattery

Flattery is the key to deal with people who are narcissism. It is like a drug to them because they always desire to get admiration and praise. Flattery is definitely effective if you want to suggest something you would like them to do.


Public Their Weak Point

When you are thinking about how to beat a narcissist this point will let you give this kind of people a heavy blow when you know their weak points well enough. They prefer to hide something about themselves from the world, such as their looks, fears to be average, etc. Show their weak points to the public. For example, degrading them in front of people would greatly lower their confidence. But you should be careful because the feeling of distress may cause great rage out of their control and even lead to some physical abuse.

How to Get Along with a Narcissist

We have introduced certain ways on how to beat a narcissist, but if this narcissist is your boss or your lover, what should you do? Obviously, you cannot choose to “beat them” but choose to work with them. Here are some ways that could help you work with a narcissist:

Analyze the Type of Narcissist

Vulnerable narcissists may not feel good about themselves at heart. Compared with a grandiose narcissist, they seldom show their emotions, so you can’t easily notice when they are getting in your way. However, the grandiose narcissist is more likely to be your best partner if you can keep him/her on board with your group’s goals.


Accept Your Irritation

Whenever you are trying to get something right, narcissists are always interrupting you or trying to showing off themselves by shining the spotlight on them. In these frustrating cases, you should find out the reasons why you feel irritated and give yourself the strength to cheer up.


Acknowledge the Behavior

As mentioned above, vulnerable narcissists are always sneaky because they want to make themselves feel better at heart. They may interrupt you or challenge your authority. In that case, what you can do is to give them enough reassurance to make them calm down and focus on the things that they need to do.


Keep a Positive Attitude

Don’t look ruffled and be positive whenever the narcissist tries to demotivate you and derive pleasure from watching you or others suffer. Your positive attitude will finally make them keep a distance from you and they would not disturb you again.


Never Go with the Flow of a Narcissist

You are more likely to lose your goals or purposes when the narcissists try to take the center stage. You don’t need to flatter them all the time or listen to them no matter what they say to distract your attention. Try to find a balance between pursuing your goals and alleviating the vulnerable narcissists’ sense of insecurity. If there is a grandiose narcissist, listen to him/her, flatter them and then proceed to your goal.


Make Use of a Sense of Humor

Using your sense of humor with the grandiose type of narcissist would help you a lot to get along with them. Just give them a smile or crack a joke when you try to point to their egocentric behaviors. This can calm them down and possibly make them feel entertaining and instructive.


Realize That the Narcissist May Need Your Help

Some narcissists have low self-esteem and deep feelings of inadequacy. You should realize when they are really in need of help and can be cured with professional intervention. Psychotherapy researchers show that people suffering from very early stages of narcissism can be molded if dealt with care by inmate and people close to him/her.


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