Most people think that being smart is a fixed quantity in the genes and thus can’t be changed after the formative years. However, according to research, this is a wrong assumption. The human brain is constantly thirsty for information and it has been established that most people die without having utilized their brain fully. This means that most people don’t reach their full potential.

The things we do and what we feed our mind play a major role in improving our mental power.

How to Become Smarter in 11Ways

Intelligence is not something that’s decided on when you are born, it is something you create over time. Therefore, it is completely possible to become as smart as you want to be. You can increase your IQ in different ways. Here is how.

How to Spend Your Time Online

At least 90% of people use their time online on social media sites. While this is not a problem, one way to become smart is by using this time to find useful information. Luckily, the internet is not short of information. There is new data everyday which gives you a pool of information waiting to be discovered. There are also online courses that you can take. Next time you’re online, use that time to learn something new.


Social Thinking

It is important to understand that how intelligent you become is not solely reliant on your efforts. There are resources outside of us that also play a role in how smart we become. A large amount of your cognition relies on resources outside your brain in the same way the memory relies heavily on what happens in our surrounding. Spending your time around people can be a good way of learning new things.


Put It Down On Paper

It is important to take a few minutes each day to write down what you have learned. This helps to boost your brain power and by recalling what you learned, you help the mind to retain this memory. It is advisable to write down at least 400 words of what you learn each day.


Exercising Your Brain

  • When learning how to become smarter, puzzles are one of the factors that play a huge role where smarts are concerned. Puzzles such as the Rubik’s cube can go a long way in developing your thinking speed. Puzzles keep your brain working, and this improves your mental capability. The brain is a muscle and you need to constantly exercise it.

  • Sudoku is also a great intellectual puzzle game. As you try to solve it, your thinking is expanded. You can get this puzzle in newspapers, books and even online for free.

  • Developing your artistic side is also a great way to enhance your smarts. Art helps in developing your problem solving skills. With a creative brain, you are able to think outside the box, and this helps to get things done faster and better.

  • To develop a mind that thinks fast and better, solving mental sums can go a long way. Math makes the brain work harder, you develop the connection needed for faster and better thinking.

  • Creative writing like writing poetry and stories is also a great way of exercising the brain. This improves on your thinking and how your brain processes information. This also improves your vocabulary and speech.


Educate Yourself

Self-education is also important when learning how to become smarter. It is important to understand that education does not end with school but is indeed a continuous process. Strive to understand the world around you better. A brilliant mind will always question different aspects of this life and world as they seek to understand it. This is one of the secrets of being smart.


Express Yourself Better

Working on your vocabulary is also very important. You not only want to be smart, but you also want people to see your smarts from the way you express yourself. You can do this by reading the dictionary. Strive to learn and use one word a day. Use it in your conversations until it sticks in your head. Reading books is also a good way of developing your vocabulary. Reading also opens up your mind to welcome new ideas as well as experiences. Strive to read books from all genres. This makes you an all rounded knowledgeable person.


Make That Connection

As opposed to learning and bottling up the info you gather, find use for the information. There are different situations you will come across where what you’ve have learned can help. This is putting your knowledge into action. When you share your knowledge, you empower others around you and you also grow.


Become an Information Sponge

In order to become smarter, you have to develop a curious mindset. Learn to question everything. It is OK not to know and we all have things we do not know. Ask questions to better understand issues and situations. You learn by asking and getting answers. This is one way of becoming smarter.



If you are observant, most smart people are well travelled. Start small by visiting different cities in your country. With time, find a way of visiting different countries. This opens up your mind to understanding different cultures and ways of life. This makes you more open minded and smart people keep an open mind.


Advanced Education

One of the best investments you can make is that of formal education. As you invest your time practicing how to become smarter, take the time to take your degree, masters or PhD. By voluntarily going back to school, you allow tour brain the chance to interact with other people, learn new ideas and also use your knowledge actively.



As a smart person, take time off your busy schedule to sit in silence and give your mind time to process what it has learned.

Once you use these tips of how to become smart, you will definitely boost your IQ.


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