Your dog is probably your best friend and you treat him just like anyone else in your family. But getting those doggy kisses can often be not so sweet. You wouldn't want to kiss any human with bad breath and the same holds true for your beloved dog. Unfortunately, dogs can't do much to combat their doggy breath, so how to freshen dogs' breath when they can't brush their own teeth? You might be surprised by how quick and easy it can be to keep your dogs' breath nice and fresh.

15 Tips to Freshen Your Dog's Breath


Look for any growths or foreign objects

Many dogs suffer from bad breath because of food stuck in the teeth or tumor. If you notice anything unusual inside your dog's' mouth, contact the vet as soon as possible to get them out.


Have your dogs' teeth examined

If you want to avoid any build up on your dogs' teeth, you should have them examined twice a year by a vet. This can help determine what the exact cause of your dogs' bad breath and deal with it accordingly.


Use a pet toothpaste

There are specially formulated toothpastes that you can use on your dogs' teeth to help reduce plaque buildup that could cause bad breath. When brushing your dog's teeth, be sure to focus on the upper teeth and tongue. These are the areas where plaque can build up the most.


Dental Treats

Most pet stores carry a variety of dental treats for dogs. The most popular ones are a charcoal based dog treat or products that contain chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine will help reduce the odor causing bacteria in your dog's mouth. When choosing the right dental treat, make sure they do not include xylitol since this is toxic to dogs.


Keep his bowls clean

Many dogs have bad breath simply because their doggy dishes are not properly maintained. If you are wondering how to freshen dogs' breath, clean its water and food dish regularly to reduce the amount of bacteria that can live on the dog dishes and get into your dog's mouth.


Probiotics and digestive enzymes

Including probiotics or digestive enzymes into your dog's diet can help your freshen your dogs' breath. Not only will these help your pups digestion, but it will also help block any issues they might be having with their intestines that could be causing the bad breath.



Chopping up parsley and mixing it with your dog's food or boiling it in hot water to make a breath freshening spray can be beneficial in many ways to your dog. Parsley is one of the best do it yourself home remedies to cure your dog's bad breath.



Carrots make a great chew toy for your dog and especially for teething puppies. Chewing on a raw carrot will prevent plaque from building up on your dog's teeth and help stimulate saliva. This extra saliva will help your dog wash any trapped food particles from its mouth.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Add a half teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar to your dog's water to notice a major difference in your dog's breath. Just like apple cider vinegar has many benefits to humans, your dog can benefit from this as well.


Cooked Brown Rice

Brown rice can help your dog's digestive process which might be one of the leading causes for doggy bad breath. How to freshen dogs' breath with brown rice? Cook the brown rice slightly and add some to your pet's food.



Rawhide bones are great for your dog's teeth because they help remove the plaque buildup that can cause bad breath. Unlike cooked bones, rawhide bones won’t splinter, reducing the risk of any internal injuries to your dog. Just be sure to keep a close eye on the rawhide and dispose of it when it becomes small enough for them to swallow to avoid accidental choking.


Balanced diet

While you might think your dog needs extra meat in their diet, too much meat products could be the cause of your dog's bad breath. Your dog should have a healthy and balanced diet that contains plenty of vegetables and brown rice as well as meat. You can try some great recipes HERE for your pet. 


Do Not Overfeed Them

If your dog is used to eating continuously throughout the day, this will only feed the bacteria in their mouths more. When your dog has access to food throughout the day, it can be also more difficult to notice if your dog is feeling ill, which could also be contributing to their bad breath.



Just like humans, dogs need plenty of water throughout the day to stay healthy. Ensuring your dog has fresh clean water will keep them healthy and keep their breath fresh. When your dog's mouth remains wet, it is easier for them to rinse away any bacteria or food particles that can cause bad breath.



Giving your dog plenty of chew toys is not just good for them to release energy and have fun, but is also beneficial for their oral health. How to freshen dogs' breath with chew toys? Choose the harder surface of chew toys which will help remove plaque built up from their teeth. Tug of war ropes are also great because they can reduce the tartar by activating the teeth.


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