Once puberty hits, the search for clear skin begins. From acne to other skin issues, it can be a lifelong struggle trying to find the perfect product, treatment, or home remedy that will keep your skin looking healthy and clean. With the internet full of ways to get the clear skin you want, it can be confusing and leave you questioning just what method is the best to use. Well, it doesn't have to be confusing or frustrating. In this article, we'll reveal some of the best tips and tricks to get clear skin.

How to Have Clear Skin


Use a cleanser

One of the most common ways to hide problem skin on your face is by using makeup to cover it up. While the makeup may hide your blemishes, it also keeps the free radicals trapped in your skin. You want to keep you skin clean by washing it twice a day and use a cleanser that contains 2% of salicylic acid.


Refrain from popping zits

You might think that popping those pesky pimples will get rid of them faster but this can actually lead to more breakouts. Resist the urge to pop your zits to reduce the chance of scarring and spreading the breakout to surrounding areas.



Retinoids are typically used to help reduce wrinkles but they can also prevent acne. When used correctly, retinoids can reduce age spots, clear away acne and build up the collagen. Replace you overnight creams with a retinoid cream and use a small amount into the skin with your fingertips.


Don't overuse product

While you want to use acne products prior to a massive breakout, you don't want to overuse too many products on your face. Only use the suggested amount labeled on the product and use oil-free moisturizers to keep the skin clean and reduce any clogged pores that can lead to breakouts.


Reduce your stress

One of the most common causes of acne is stress. Stress hormones cause an increase in oil production, resulting in whiteheads and clogged pores. How to have clear skin will require you making an effort to reduce your stress and relax a little more.


Use sunscreen

If you have been using acne products, then you are making your skin more vulnerable to sun damage. Be sure to use sunscreen on your face that is at least 30 proof and is a noncomedogenic. This will keep your skin protected from the sun and won't clog your pores.


Reduce the appearance of scars

You might have cleared away your acne, but there is a good chance you have some noticeable scars. To help reduce the appearance of scars and leave your skin looking clearer, you want to use the right scar treatment. Choose one that has salicylic acid which will fade scars and reduce the dark spots.


Change your diet

Your diet can have a direct impact on the appearance of your skin. Your diet should consist of clean healthy foods that will supply the body with vital nutrients that help repair damaged tissue and skin cells. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins and avoid drinking too much alcohol or consuming too many fried fatty foods.


Drink water

It is vital to keep your body hydrated since water helps detox the body. Water will remove any free radicals that can have a negative effect on your skin while keeping it hydrated, giving your skin a natural glow.


Sleep right

Getting enough sleep is one way to help get clear skin but it isn't just the number of hours you sleep that will fight off breakouts. You'll want to sleep with your hair away from your face and change your pillowcase at least once a week. Doing this will reduce the amount of dirt, oil and grime your face comes in contact with while you sleep.



Why and how to have clear skin by exercising? Through exercise, you stimulate blood circulation and sweat out harmful toxins and oils. Just be sure to wash your face after you exercise to remove the build up sweet and you should see your skin begin to clear up.


Stick to a routine

Sticking to a face washing routine in the morning and evening will help you keep you skin clean and clear. Be sure to wash your hands before you touch your face, use a cleanser that is gentle and don't rub or use a harsh cloth to clean your face. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer that is heavy and skip the toner. If you have oily skin, use a light moisturizer and toner. Wash your face twice a day using cold water, then you are not continuously washing away the natural oils and keep the pores closed so that more dirt doesn't get trapped in them.


Products to use

It is always best to use herbal products over the most popular products. Most facial cleanser, creams and acne products contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin further and do more damage than good. Herbal organic skin care products are more gentle on the skin and often supply additional nutrients that will help cleanse and nourish damaged skin.


Exfoliate your skin

Using an exfoliator will rid the skin of dead skin cells, impurities, and grime. Exfoliating will keep the skin smooth and look flawless. Try to use natural exfoliators that you can make at home that contains oats, citrus peels or sugar.


Keep your makeup brushes clean

If you have never washed your makeup brushes or can't remember the last time you did, then this can make your skin look worse. Foundation brush or sponges should be washed once a week and those used to apply powder makeup should be cleaned once every two months.


Increase your vitamin C

It should be no surprise that how to have clear skin will involve getting plenty of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps protect the skin from UV rays, increase collagen production, brightens the skin, reduces age spots, and can prevent aging of the skin. Broccoli, grapes, kiwi, lemons, papaya, and black currants are just some of the foods you can eat to boost your vitamin C intake.


Keep your phone clean

Your smartphone can carry more germs than a public restroom and since you touch your phone quite often, there is a good chance you are transferring these germs, bacteria, and viruses to your face. Make it a habit of wiping down your smartphone with an antibacterial wipe or sanitizer throughout the day.


Reduce your dairy intake

Most dairy products will stimulate the production of oil which can lead to making your acne worse. Dairy can be found in almost all products so you could be consuming more dairy than you realize. Try to reduce or eliminate dairy from your diet and see how much clearer your skin becomes.


Use cold water

Steamy showers may feel good but the hot water will open your pores, making it easier for dirt to enter the skin. The hot water also strips away the essential natural oils your skin needs to maintain a healthy look. As you get older, it also takes more time for your pores to shrink back to their natural size. Skip the hot water and try to use cold water instead.


Have patience

Getting clear skin isn't going to happen overnight. You'll want to be a little patient with implementing the changes that will over time lead to more healthy and clear skin.


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