Women can sometimes be brutal when it comes to a guy who has broken her heart. And she will pull out all the stops to make her ex jealous and regretful for hurting her. While it is not encouraged to use jealousy to make your current boyfriend pay more attention to you, it can be an effective way to get under your ex's skin. This article will discuss how to make a guy jealous that might have him being more serious about you or even begging you to take him back.

Ways to Make a Guy Jealous


Look your best

The best kind of revenge is to look better than the way they left you. Workout, eat healthy and don't be afraid to work on yourself to look your best. Even if you don't need to shed some weight, getting a little toned and having your hair done can make your ex second guess why he ever let you go.


Don't respond right away

If he decides to call or message you, don't answer right away. Wait at least 30 minutes before you respond to him to let him sweat it out and more curious about what you are doing. When you do respond, keep your messages back short and mysterious. It will drive him crazy that you aren't revealing what you're doing.


Be busy

Even if you aren't busy, pretend to be busy.  When he finally makes the time for you, act as if you don't have the time for him. Lie about having plans or heading out the door even if you are just staying in on the couch all evening. You'll make even more jealous if you drop a guy's name in your made up plans for the evening.



Flirting can be one of the easiest ways to get a guy jealous. Since guys are competitive by nature, flirting with someone else while they can see or find out about it will get him worked up. If you are wondering how to make a guy jealous, just try a little flirting.


Use social media

If you guys are still friends on any social media platforms, use it to you advantage. Post a great pictures of yourself, make your status up stating how great of a time you had the night before or that you are looking forward to an incredible weekend. Even pose with some guy friends will get him question just who they are.



If you are interested in someone else, don't hesitate to go out with them. Not only can this lead to a new romantic partnership, but it can also make your ex incredibly jealous. You show your ex that you don't need them and you are doing much better without him. You also make him compete for your attention.


Dress provocatively

You don't want to look too desperate, but don't be afraid to flaunt what you got. Wear the outfit that accentuates your curves or something you know would drive him crazy. The idea is to make him regret breaking your heart and the best way to do that is to show him a little bit of what he lost.


Let him catch you in a lie

Did he ask to hand out but you said you had some work stuff to finish or that you were going with the girls? Let him catch you out with another guy instead of what you said you were supposed to be doing. On top of letting him catch you, act like it's no big deal.


Sleep with someone that makes him feel inferior

How to make a guy jealous can be quickly accomplished by sleeping with what he would consider the enemy. This will definitely reinforce his inadequate feelings about the other guy and will drive him crazy.


Go out with his friend

Does your ex have a few good looking friends? Why not go after one of them? While this can be a bit tricky depending on how loyal his friends are, you can instantly get even with your ex by letting him catch you with one of his good friends.


Live your life

You don't want to go overboard with trying to make him jealous, so simply live your life. Show him that you have your own friends, that you are independent and that you are having fun without him.


Jealousy usually isn't the way you are going to win his heart back or salvage your relationship. In many instances you may get his attention for a short amount of time or may result in him not giving you any attention at all. This could lead you feel even worse over the break up and rejection. 

Sometimes, making your ex or current boyfriend jealous may just make matters worse. There could be a more deeper reason for their lack of attention, such as depression, cheating or stress, so adding jealousy into the mix won't help make any improvements to the relationship. Instead of asking how to make a guy jealous, you might want to look at ways you can improve the relationship in a more positive way or get better control over your own feelings. You can take more control over the situation when you take more control of yourself. Not only will you feel better about yourself, you'll also be able to focus on what actually makes you happy and possibly avoid doing anything you might regret later on. 


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