The worst form of emotional abuse is infidelity, and being a victim of betrayal can affect the victim very negatively. If you are having a hard time coping up with your depression and anger, this article will tell you how to move on from a cheater. Many people feel lost and worthless after being cheated on, and there is nothing wrong with feeling blue after such a saddening event, but you have to take the decision to either try to fix the relationship, or move on. Trusting someone like that again would lead to more misery, so maybe opt for moving on from such a relationship by following these ways.

15 Ways to Move On from a Cheater


Face it

Most people start living in denial of the bitter truth that someone who has cheated on you had never truly loved you. But the truth is if there was someone else in their life along with you, neither of you mattered to that cheater. Accept the reality that they did not love you, no matter how difficult it is to believe.


Smile Again

It is easy to attack yourself when someone cheats on you, but you must know that cheaters do not cheat because you are not enough or lacking in something. They cheat because they don’t appreciate what they have, and keep looking for more. Instead of finding ways to take revenge, work on finding your happiness. That is the best revenge.


It’s Okay to Cry

Mourning over loss is a completely natural emotion, so don’t be too harsh on yourself by gulping down any moans of agony that may be trying to get out sometimes. When your heart is sinking, it’s okay to cry and let your emotions out. It will relax you a little, and help you accept what have happened. That means you’re learning how to move on from a cheater.


A New World

At such a vulnerable time, everything reminds you of your ex-partner and it saddens you even more. To save yourself this trouble, try changing your environment to distract your mind. A short trip to a foreign place can bring with it not only new friends, new places, new foods, and a new environment, but can also provide you a haven to heal.


Avoid Moving On to Someone Else

People often make the mistake of thinking that to move on from one person, they need another one. While this may help you in the short-term by showing yourself that you can still be loved, it is wrong to ‘use’ someone as a tool to move on. You need to move on from your break-up first before you get into a new relationship.


Learn to Forgive

You can’t really let go of the anger and the hurt unless you forgive them. You don’t need to say it to the cheater, but you need to forgive them in your heart to help yourself realize that it is over and that they cannot affect you any longer. This isn’t easy and it does take time, but by forgiving them, you’re finally moving on.


Cut Them Off

Cut off all contacts with that person. The more you interact with them after all that has happened, you’re not helping yourself move on, and are instead falling back into their traps. You need to clear your mind, and that won’t happen with a liar beside you.


List All the Bad

When you are trying to move on from someone who has treated you like an option, do not even think of all the good times or their good characteristics. Yes, they may have something special, but remember that cheating is never a mistake, it is a decision. Anyone who decides to hurt you must not be thought well of.


Boil Up

Anger, no matter how bad it can be, is often good when letting out at the right time. Right before a break-up or right after it, it is best to get angry at the player so that you can finally start hating him. This is important when you wonder how to move on from a cheater, because anger lets out all your deepest feelings of regret.


Ignore Them

It is common for players to try and get back to the person they have recently broken up with. No, they are not the least bit sorry for cheating on you. The only thing that is making them come back is the fact that you found out that they are cheating, and they want to do it all again, without letting you find out this time.


Don’t Punish Yourself

Don’t skip your meals, and don’t be a wreck. It is a weak idea that drinking all day would help ease the pain. Staying up all night is making things worse for you, too. Skip all the drama of this miserable lifestyle that this break-up has put you into, and get into a healthy routine. Work out, meditate, eat healthy, and sleep well.


Don’t Announce It

Naturally, when hurt or betrayed, people tend to tell all about it to literally anyone willing to listen. The truth is, the world can be cruel and since you still haven’t moved on and there might still be some things left to find about the player, so you shouldn’t bad-name them. People can gossip about it to others and the pitiful looks might put you down later on.


Stop Being a Spy

There is nothing wrong with keeping a check on your partner if you haven’t broke up yet, but it is unhealthy for you to be obsessed with finding clues about his wrong-doing. You will hurt yourself either when you find something or when you don’t, and you will stay in a cycle of unhappiness.


Get Therapy

If the relationship had been a very serious one, or a long-lasting one, or one of marriage, then moving on isn’t easy. In cases like these where you find yourself immensely emotionally damaged, you should get a therapist to advise you about how to move on from a cheater. It isn’t easy to let go, but it isn’t impossible, especially with professional help.


Kick and Punch (…a Bag)

You’re frustrated and have so much going on inside you that it feels like a storm. If nothing else is helping, start some kick boxing sessions to let out your erupting frustration. Kick boxing can calm that storm inside you by releasing endorphins to help you feel good. Tip: You may see the bag as the person who has betrayed you, but don’t get too violent.


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