Everyone loves receiving a little oral action, but for women this can be a vital part in foreplay especially. Not only will performing the act get her more aroused, but it can also eliminate the pressure of having to last a long time during sex. Pleasing your woman can often be more of a challenge and you should remember that when trying something new, it is best to come out and asks what she likes. While figuring out exactly what turns her on the most will take a bit of trial and error, this article will give you some tips on how to perform oral on her.

Perform Oral on Her Perfectly with These Tricks



There is no trying to hide the fact that often times the genital area will have a smell. This is completely natural because of the scent glands found there, but she may feel a little subconscious about this. While you both can expect the other to utilize proper hygiene to ensure the area is clean, the best way to go about this is to shower together. This way you both are clean and ready for a good time in the bedroom. Men will also want to take extra care in maintaining their facial hair. The area can be highly sensitive for some women and even a little bit of stubble can cause irritation and take away from the pleasure.


Take your time

Even with oral sex, you still need to include some foreplay. Unlike guys who can be turned on and off like a light switch, it takes women more time to get to that point. You want to get her excited before you start going down which will help release a natural lubrication for her. This will make it less painful for her and the teasing will help build up the anticipation. 


Lip action

Most guys will jump right into working on the clitoris when giving oral, but guys, please slow things down. Begin by kissing her inner thighs, from there you want to softly kiss the outer lips of her vagina. After kissing the outer lips for a little, you'll want to part them and do the same with the inner lips. The area should be moist already and you'll want to run your tongue along the area and suck gently on the sides. If you want to successfully know how to perform oral on her, you'll need to pay attention to more than just the clitoris.


Avoid the clitoris

It can be easy to want to go straight to where you know she will get off, but take your time and work on the other areas first. The inside area of the lips is where you'll focus first and then you'll want to move to the perineum or taint. This area is found before the ass and just after the vagina. Press your tongue just above this area and then glide it up towards the clitoris, but stop just before you get there, and perform the same motion in reverse. Do this a few times and mix in some kisses and sucking the side of the lips. 
You'll also want to let you tongue glide into her vagina. This area is extremely sensitive, so you'll want to be gentle. She'll let you know what she likes with soft moans or being vocal. If she gasps suddenly or you feel her muscles tighten, it might be a good indication that you're doing something right. Take note of her cues and do more of what she likes and less of what she doesn't. Repeat the previous action for a few minutes to keep her worked up.


Tease the clitoris

After licking her from the perineum to the clitoris a few more times, you'll want to begin to lightly graze the clitoris. Don't linger there; just let your tongue little glide over it six times and lick back down to the perineum. Stimulation of the clitoris relies on rhythm, little grazing it a few times and then licking down away from it will start to make her squirm. You may notice she tries to push herself down towards you to get you to tease the area again. Tease her like this for at least a minute.


Learn the right rhythm

How to perform oral on her will vary from woman to woman because the clitoris itself can vary in size. Once it is stimulated, it will begin to swell and become more prominent. Some women like pressure on this area, while other will need a more gentle approach. Move your tongue in different motion around the clitoris to see which she reacts to the best. Some like small circles, others enjoy the up and down motion and some will favor a side to side action. You can switch up what you are doing; just be sure to fall into a rhythm when you do it. 
If you find your jaw getting tired, which is bound to happen sometimes, you can give yourself a rest by taking the clitoris between your lips and then blowing lightly on it. Don't be afraid to ask her what she likes and dislikes at this time. 


Add in fingers

While most times the above steps should be enough to get her to orgasm, adding in some finger action is never a bad idea. The clitoris that actually runs much deeper inside her can be stimulated by the fingers. You want to keep your tongue glide along the outside of the clitoris while you push a finger inside her vagina. Once you are confident that she is comfortable with one finger, add in another. 

Keep the fingertips facing up and only insert them up until the second knuckle. You'll want to locate the inside G-spot which is usually located on the roof of her vagina and will be a soft spongy area. Use your finger to rub against this area in a 'come here' motion, remember to do this while your tongue still works on the clitoris outside the vagina. Keep this motion up and soon enough she will orgasm. 


More tips to be aware of

  • How to perform oral on her does not include using your teeth. If she is moving around which appears to be an attempt to get your tongue to move away from an area, it's for a reason. Move to somewhere else.

  • Suck gently, if you get a good reaction, then mix that in with the lick and kissing.

  • She'll give you audio clues when you're doing something right, so pay close attention when she moans.

  • It is much harder for some women to orgasm no matter how much you try. Sometimes it is just not going to happen and being persistent will just turn into pain for her. In this condition, just stop.


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