We all know we shouldn't pop that nasty blemish on the face, but commonly we just can't help it. In many cases, after you have tried to pop it or have been picking at It, which can result in scarring of the area, a pimple will bleed. Then you may be asking how you can stop a pimple from bleeding or how to prevent it from becoming more unsightly? Read on to find the answer to your question.

How to Stop a Pimple from Bleeding


Hydrogen Peroxide

Using a clean washcloth or tissue soak up some hydrogen peroxide and apply it directly to the spot. Apply a little bit of pressure to help stop the bleeding and allow the wound to clot. The hydrogen peroxide assists in killing off any bacteria escaping from the pimple and reduces the risk of other pimples breaking out.



Ice can help reduce the blood flow from the pimple. When applying, pressure isn't enough to stop the bleeding. Wrap cube of ice in a clean towel and apply it to the area. Leave the ice on the pimple for about fifteen minutes.



Astringents can help slow down the bleeding as well as tighten the skin around the area. Vinegar can be used if you do not have a skin care astringent available. Use a cotton swab to soak up the astringent and press it firmly to the pimple. Hold it there and eventually the blood vessels will shrink and the bleeding will stop.


Styptic Pencil

How to stop a pimple from bleeding using a styptic pencil? Simply wet it and apply it to the pimple. You can stop the bleeding quickly and cleanly. This antiseptic tool coats the area with a silver nitrate which cuts off the blood flow instantly. A thin wax barrier is created to protect the pimple from bacteria entering the wound.


Potato Slice

Potatoes can effectively stop the bleeding from a small wound because the starch helps absorb the blood. Pressing potato slice on the pimple will help the blood clot quicker.


Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide can be used to not only stop the pimple from bleeding but also help clear the zit away. This is because it attacks the bacteria that caused the zit to appear and will also prevent further breakouts from occurring.


Aloe Vera

When answering how to stop a pimple from bleeding, don't ignore aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has been a popular natural remedy for a number of skin problems. It contains a number of healing and restorative properties, making it an effective way to stop your pimples from bleeding. You want to apply the aloe gel or pulp directly to the pimple and regularly apply it until the pimple is healed completely.


Salt Water

Not many would think of applying salt water to a wound, but this treatment can help the pimple heal faster. Mix a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water. Use a cotton ball or clean towel to apply the mixture to the pimple. This method may be uncomfortable, but it is one of the most effective ways to help heal a popped pimple.



Honey can be used to reduce the redness that a popped pimple causes on irritated skin. It also helps keep the area hydrated and smooths since it is a natural moisturizer. Apply a small amount of honey to the popped pimple and allow it to sit from twenty to thirty minutes. Wash the honey off with warm water.


See a Doctor

If the bleeding is persistent, you will want to make an appointment to see your doctors. For minor wounds or cuts, like a popped pimple, the bleeding should cease after a few minutes. If the area bleeds for more than ten minutes, this could be an indication of a more serious issue like a blood clotting disease or anemia. When you visit your doctor, he will be able to determine what the underlying problem may be or he will give suggestion on how to stop a pimple from bleeding for future reference.


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