When your newly-formed love connection is sprouting but you're still unsure of where things might go in the long-term, it is a good idea to know how exactly your boyfriend feels about you by the gifts from him! Guys are simple to understand, and have quite a regulated system of emotions and mind. Notice the gifts he has given you up till now, because the meanings of gifts vary with kinds of gifts. Who knows, maybe the last gift you received from him has screamed that he’s hoping to marry you.

What Are the Meanings of Gifts from Guys?



Jewelry is usually an expensive gift when it is of a presentable design and quality. Most women fall for jewelry harder than they’d fall for heels, because it is an adornment that amps up the entire attire effortlessly. When a guy gifts you jewelry, it would mean that he is very serious about his feelings for you, and he is not afraid to show it. No man would spend too much on a girl he has no genuine feelings for.



A perfume as a gift means that this guy knows you very well and shows his feeling for you. Scents are related to our senses and each person has a different taste of it, so knowing you is essential for him to buy you a nice perfume. Many women misinterpret that perfumes are the gifts that people buy when they can’t think of any other gift, but don’t underestimate the specialty of wearing a scent that a guy has chosen for you.



You can’t live without your phone, admit it, and so can’t we. From your workplace to your bedroom, almost all actions are made easier with the help of technology, so if a guy has gifted you a gadget that not only looks expensive but is also in accord with your needs, he has put great thought into the idea of getting you something nice. For example, if you love reading and your boyfriend has bought you a library device, you’re lucky, girl.



Making memories is the best gift considering meanings of gifts from guys. A trip, regardless of its nature, is special because it involves the two of you spending time together and creating a stronger bond. Couples who travel together get to know each other better and become closely, and besides, if he is making time to get away with you in this era of fast-paced lives, it is indeed a very special gift - This means that he prioritizes you.


Domestic Gifts

Comparing all the previous gifts in this list that would make you feel special, this one is a little normal. If he has just gifted you an ordinary set of house-hold tools, it is not very thoughtful of him and instead makes the gift appear to be more like just a formality to give anything. However, if the domestic gifts are extraordinary in some aspect, like a luxurious coffeemaker, that means he wants to make your everyday life better.


Gift Certificate

A guy who is indecisive or uninterested in looking for the perfect gift for you might just hand you over a gift certificate, unless you have made it clear to him that you really genuinely like gift certificates (However, women like being given a gift, instead of choosing a gift for themselves).If he pairs up the gift certificate with a complimentary gift like a pedicure or a day at the spa, that someway proves that he is indeed making effort.



When considering the meanings of gifts from guys, some non-preferred gifts are something eatable. Food and drink are the gifts that he can send for formal or less personal acquaintances, but should not be for you. But you love chocolates very much, huh? Well, it shows at least he knows you so well.



Girls love flowers, and any man who buys you flowers is sure to make you feel special. Flowers are one of those gifts that are cheap but very meaningful. The kind and color of flowers can have different meanings, like yellow roses are for friendship, pink for beauty, and red roses for expression of love and passion. Pay attention to what kind of flowers he has sent to you.


Puppy or Pets

Pets are adorable, especially the ones that you own. If you receive a puppy or pet from your guy, it is a sure sign that he sees you as a caring and loving person, and would love to give you a little something to cuddle with when he’s not around. This guy must actually love you for considering such a gift for you that would literally love you and stay around for years, and may even kiss you goodnight. Think of it as your baby, how cute!


Cellular Phone

According to some women, a cellular phone as a gift from him is not a very good idea to be thought of. Instead, it might portray a very dominating impression of the guy that he wants to control everything that you do and keep track of you. To some other women, this may seem to be as romantic as a pet, but generally, a gift like a cell phone is not wise because it is not very special, unless you just got mobbed and needed it.


Song or Poem

Trying to figure out the meanings of gifts from guys? This kind of gift is not that hard to understand, right? Just pay attention to what he has said in the lyrics or the poems. There is something very powerful about words when used correctly because female are more sensitive to hearing. If he writes or dedicates a poem or song to you, it is inexpensive but very romantic and full of feelings. The beauty of such a gift can be improved with another gift to compliment it.



A woman who likes to indulge herself in books would love to receive a best-selling book from her boyfriend, especially if it’s from her favorite author. However, such a gift can work in only two conditions. The first one is that he must know whether you like reading or not. And the second one is that he knows you well enough to judge your taste in reading.


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