Calling it quit among couples is probably one of the hardest decisions of life. In most of the cases, couples come to the stage of this legal dissolution of marriage, when they are lacking mutual understanding and a will to stay together. Most of the reasons to get a divorce have the solutions but the parties lack the skill to get a better way out and finally they end up on divorce. Divorce is not a very desirable option but in some situations, it’s the only way.

What Are the Reasons that You Should Get a Divorce?

Here we have rounded up some significant reasons and situations when there may be no other options except filing for divorce.

Physical and Emotional Torture

There could be no other reason more justifying for filing a divorce than an abuse both physical and emotional by your life partner. Torture is a ticket to divorce. Once you get hit by him/her, it may happen again. Give him/her a chance. Try to make things better by discussion. But if the same violent behavior is repeated, there is no need to stay in that relation any more. Physical violence is a try to take control over the life of the better half and such attitude is highly unacceptable.


Infidelity of your Partner

Cheating is another form of domestic abuse. When you are sure of your partner’s infidelity, it’s time to take things more seriously. Trust, once lost, cannot be restored easily. You should give him/her a chance if they claim repentance. But forgiveness can be granted only once. What if your spouse is a serial cheater? Don’t spoil your life by staying with such infidel partner who does not respect and care for your feelings.


Financial Crisis

Money matters are one of the most common reasons to get a divorce. If your better half is facing hard time in making both ends meet, that’s ok. You should support and strengthen him. What if he is facing a credit card debt because of his gambling losses or shopping addiction? Would you like to live with a person who will be paying years for debt? This may be termed as ‘financial infidelity’. You may give him a chance but such mistakes are quite likely to be repeated again.


Communication Gap

Communication does not just mean talking to each other, but to really understand each other at an intellectual level. The couple have to have a healthy, happy and friendly relationship. But if your relation is lacking all three of these traits, things are not going in the right direction. Try to make things work between you and if you fail in developing an ideal relationship, you still have the option of finding a new life for you.


No Hope for an Addict!

If your spouse is an alcohol or drug addict and you are suffering constantly with the belief of getting him/her recovered, that’s just a fool’s hope. Once one gets involved in addiction, you cannot get them back unless they themselves decide to change. And in most of the cases, such addicted persons don’t want to change, not even for their families. In short, you have no hope of a good future with them. So, you better move on.


False Expectations

There are many examples of relationships that were ruined because of false expectations. It’s another one of the most obvious reasons to get a divorce. Many times, people are given wrong hopes of a more settled and easy married life. Once you have exchanged the vows and a new life begins, you realize that most of the expectations are not being met. This leads to complaining, blaming and criticizing each other. If you can’t get a solution, its ok to call it quit. 


Opposite Family Values

When people belonging to different belief systems tie a knot, there are great chances of a clash between them. It does not happen instantly but with time you realize that the values you have always been acting on, have no worth for your spouse. One wants a large, happy family, while the other wants to focus on career. Such disagreements may cause unhappiness and negativity. If you feel that things are not settling down like you want, you have got a reason to split.


Lack of Intimacy

Getting intimate both emotionally and sexually is very important. Even if you indulge in sexual activity but do not share an emotional bonding, like getting close, holding hands, hugging and kissing occasionally, you are like some strangers living under a roof. If you are experiencing a relation like that, work on it, take your time. If things don’t turn positive, you have the right to call it off.

Signs That Suggest That Your Marriage Is Over!

How to determine that it’s the right time for ending your marriage? It’s not an easy task. There are certain signs that may help you in suggesting the right time for contacting a divorce attorney.

  • When you realize that your spouse no more cares for your feelings.

  • When the existence of your better half does not make any difference in your life.

  • When love for each other is replaced by arguments, nagging and complaining 24/7.

  • When you are constantly being humiliated or harassed by your spouse, alone as well as in front of relatives.

  • When you are not his/her priority in any way.

  • When he/she is always busy with work or friends and has no time for you at all.

  • A marriage counselling for months without any positive outcome, shows there’s nothing left between you.

  • When you don’t share stuff and future plans with each other.

  • When you are more inclined towards your ex and start contacting him/her. Knowing that, you don’t have to look for any other reasons to get a divorce.


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