Relationships are hard. They require commitment and effort, but not everyone can easily maintain a relationship without facing many of relationship problems as listed below. So many relationships fail because of lack of effort to tackle these problems, and the ones that do work out and stay long-term are the ones in which both partners mutually contribute to avoid or deal with them positively.

Possible Problems in Relationships and Ways to Deal With Them


Lack of Communication

Communication is often a problem when two people are unable to find time to talk to each other when they are not physically together, while at the start of the relationship, they somehow had all the time in the world.

The only way to solve this problem is to prioritize your partner like you did in the initial stages. Keep yourself interested in your partner's life and ask about their day, their weekend plans, their family and friends.


Don't Trust Your Partner

It has been long and wide spread that a relationship without trust is sure to last a very short time. When trust is lost, the very idea of vows and promises of love is lost, which acts as a barrier between two people depending emotionally on each other.

If you don't trust your partner, either try to do it or walk away. To trust them means to know that they won't betray you or take wrongful advantage of you. It also means that you trust your partner's decisions in life for both of you.


Being Insecure

Many partners in relationships feel inferior or insecure with their partner. Despite the love they share, they can't seem to share each other's happiness because the other partner is often jealous of their boyfriend/girlfriend's individual growth.

When two people form a bond and share a life together, they must know that one's growth and success is the other's, too. Instead of being insecure about how much better they are performing at life, be proud to have them and try to improve yourself.


Feeling Incompatible

Among the many relationship problems, a very major one is the incompatibility between two people because of their differences. These differences lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary yet troubling conflicts between partners.

Even though you may be soulmates for months now, once you both start getting deeper into the relationship, you must check how similar your hobbies, nature, and lifestyle are, or you'll end up fighting all the time.


Losing the Heat

Once a couple has been together for a very long time, they will feel less physically attracted to each other, and hence they will lose the urge gradually to rush each other to the bed. Routine can make anything boring, even sex.

The easiest way to bring back the heat in your love life is to get rid of routine when it comes to sex. Make out at different times instead of only nights, at different places, and don't be afraid to try something new.


Money Problems

Not all relationships are financially struggling, but many are. In this era of materialism, social status and wealth matter a lot. A couple will be perceived by how well-off they look, and when they don't earn enough, their surrounding people can look down on them.

Friends and surrounding acquaintance have a lot of involvement in a couple's lives, so instead of feeling defeated or insecure due to the lack of status you seem to have, try a newer circle of friends who might not see you as inferior.


Grow Differently

Well, we are all growing in age anyway, but the personal growth of individuals is far more significant on their partners and their relationship. If two partners change over time and become completely opposite-nature people, they will face problems.

There is no way to stop changing as a person, but there is a way to change in a way that affects your relationship positively. By talking about interests and beliefs frequently, you both will know where you're going.


Ticking of the Clock

Time never stops, nor pauses to wait for any of us. We're all too busy in our lives and the lack of time we have for our partner causes worse relationship problems than the sense of 'distance' itself.

It is all about priorities, and not having a minute for your partner is simply just a lie that we believe. Learn to prioritize what matters most to you and divide your time accordingly. Also, keep meeting up for little dates with your partner to stay close.


Personal Space

Everything works better with balance, and so do relationships. As mentioned before, spending too much time away from each other can cause problems, similarly, spending too much time together can kill your social connectivity with the world. When a partner restricts their entire schedule to only one person, the isolation they start feeling not long after can trigger the 'need' of attention from other people, which doesn't always end there, and leads to more than just attention.

So spare some time for yourself, your family and friends, as well as letting your partner take their time to do what they like and prefer. You can share about your time alone or with others later. 


Fading Love

People fall in love every day. They fall in love with a beautiful girl they saw walking by and will never see again, and they fall in love with their partner, but do they stay in love with the same person?

Problems start arising when after a few dates, either or both partners start falling out of love. Losing that 'spark' in the relationship means doom, so keep your heart rooted in not only sex, but understanding, compromise, trust, and desire for each other.


Playing Around

As much as it is important to trust your partner, it is also important to value the trust that your partner has on you. Infidelity and cheating are the most common and worst part of relationships these days, so much that they ruin entire lives.

To avoid cheating on your partner, know the consequences. Betrayals are termed as emotional abuse, so refrain yourself from situations that might lead to voluntarily or involuntarily betraying your partner's trust, like staying away from that girl who keeps flirting with you at work.


Living in a Fairytale

With love, it comes a whole bunch of dreams. Yes, that is not a problem, but it causes many relationship problems when those dreams become your expectations which your partner is unable to fulfill.

Instead of expecting too much from your partner, tone it down a notch and realize that they're human, too, and humans are not perfect. In fact, when you expect little, you have a lesser chance of being disappointed.


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