Want to get a chic and sassy look? Why not try a new short hairdo? If you really want a refreshing new look, a short haircut is the right choice. Women of any age and size can try it to get a fashion forward look. All you need to do is to know your face shape and pick the short haircut that suits your style. Read on to find the best short hairstyles for girls.

Trendiest Short Haircuts for Girls

Not each haircut enlisted here is suitable for every girl. Just know your face shape and pick the one that goes with it perfectly. Your personality should also match your haircut and you must be able to carry that style.

Sleek Pixie Cut

This sleek and chic cut proves that even boys-like hair can look fashion forward. Though all pixie cuts are super modern but the sleek pixie cut is particularly good for getting a glamourous yet girly look. The silky, straight layers with a side part help covering a part of forehead, giving your face a balanced look.


Messy Pixie with Uneven Bangs

Yet another pixie cut but quite different from the previous one. Unlike the sleek pixie cut, this one is a bit messy in style. It would suit any girl with a tom-boyish attitude. The style is suitable for a square or oval shape face. The irregularly cut messy layers on the crown, help in diverting the focus from your face to the top.


Short Hairdo for Wavy Hair

Girls who have wavy and thick hair naturally, should try this one. This haircut is best for round to heart-shaped face. The hair is trimmed at the back and the crown area is given a highlighted look by the heap of messy and curly locks, which will give your face an elongated feel.


Short Blunt Haircut

All the girls who have long and thin hair, this is the season to chop off those lifeless locks to get an all new voluminous look. This haircut is about equally chopped, straightened locks with a side part. A layer in the front, covering half of your face makes it one of the perfect short haircuts for girls with a wide forehead.


Faux Bob Haircut

An elegantly sleek style that gives a flattering look from every angle. The side part style (good for round to square shaped face) is best for adding volume to hair. The ends of the hair are folded with hot rollers. And those rolled locks give an elegant and classic look.


Graduated Bob

Graduated bob is suitable for heart shape face. It helps covering facial features from both sides. A graduated bob is about irregularly cut wispy locks. Side part or center part, both are suitable for a wide-looking face. It may suit any woman of style and grace.


Bob and Bangs

With this hairdo, you are surely going to get the look of a high fashion girl. This style is suitable for the girls with round face. Why? Both sides of the chin are covered with sleekly-cut locks and that tends to balance off that shape. The style seems perfect with straight and silky hair. Just look at Katie Holmes’s bob cut with bangs.


Fringed Pixie

Women of today with a bold attitude should go with a pixie haircut. Those who are aiming for an ultra-short haircut, should try fringed pixie. Pixie cut is quite popular from past couple of years and comes in a number of styles. Women who have a round face should try this one. Check out how Jennifer Lawrence has carried this fashionable cut.


Sleek Crop Haircut

Those who are modern and fun-loving, should try such short haircuts for girls. This cut goes perfect with a face with extra wide forehead. The sleek crop cut with side swept bangs tend to add a narrowing look to the forehead. Here is Jessica Stroup’s look for inspiration.


Short Layered Strands

Girls with long face should try something curly. Straight and sleek hair is not for them. When you try curls, it automatically diverts the focus from facial length to stylish curls. It’s a great way to add volume to your look. The haircut would suit any woman with great sense of style. For inspiration, look at this ultra-modern look of Sarah Jessica Parker.


The Shorter Shag

This short shaggy-looking haircut is best for the girls who own an oval face, even it can work for the long-faced girls. This style would suit bubbly and lively teenage girls. Having oval face makes you the luckiest on the planet as you don’t need to hide any feature (a broad jawline, wide forehead). So, try these short shaggy strands with a side part.


Wavy Layered Crop

Do you have wavy hair and you are looking for short haircuts for girls? There could be no better option than having your hair styled in a wavy layered crop style. This funky style suits all face shapes. If you have straight hair naturally, it would take time to manage the look but for wavy haired girls, it’s a wash-and-go style.


Mohawk or Undercut Hairstyle

It’s a really bold style that fits the girls with round face shape. The style involves hair over-grown on the top with trimmed sides. If you are a carefree girl who doesn’t want to spend much time styling your hair, this low-maintenance style is best for you. All you need is a small amount of gel to rub in your hair. And there you go! For inspiration, check out Miley Cyrus in her undercut hairstyle.


Asymmetrical Choppy Hair

To many it may look clumsy and rough but girls who like a bohemian-inspired look, would surely appreciate this rough-looking yet appealing style. The asymmetrically cut strands look great on square and heart-shaped faces. The side part style and the layer in front gives the illusion of a balanced face. Just like in the image here.


High Afro Haircut

One of the top short haircuts for girls following African fashion trends. The African girls have naturally curly. To style them seems hard but still you can opt for a number of styles for your afro hair. This style is best suited with a triangle face. It involves more volume on the crown area of the head. And that is the key to create a much-needed balanced look.


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