Cell phones have become a staple in our daily lives, in fact, most of us have glued to our phones throughout the day. This is even more true when you are waiting to hear back from that guy you like. You've sent countless messages, selfies and maybe a few flirty texts, but suddenly he's just stopped responding. This leaves you wondering “should I stop texting him?” This article will help you answer just that.

Signs You Should Stop Texting Him

Does he take hours to respond back to you? While sometimes he could be busy with something else if he constantly takes hours to get back to you, it's a clear sign that he's not that interested.

If he's not initiating or making an effort to keep the dialogue going between the two of you, then he is just trying to end the conversation. If he's not flirting, joking or asking you questions, stop texting him.

He has more excuses for not texting you back or wanting to hang out with you. If you have been trying to get him to hang out with you, but he always seems to have something going on, it's a clear sign he's not interested in getting to know you very well.

He doesn't share any personal details with you. Whether it's his favorite food or his job, if he isn't letting you get to know him better, then it's a clear sign you should just stop texting him.

He never just randomly texts you. All of his texts are about something specific such as homework assignments or work-related, then he isn't making an effort just to stay in touch with you.

If he doesn't ask about your day or how you did on a recent exam, then the chances are he is not interested in you in general.

His texts consist of one or two words if you send him something that should result in a longer respond, he simply doesn't care enough to write a proper response.

He leaves out any emotions in his text. He doesn't add in smiley faces or even exclamation marks to show his enthusiasm or excitement, this typical translates he's not being excited about talking to you.

Should I stop texting him if he never invites me out? There is bound to be a number of occasions that he could easily ask you out too, whether just for a quick dinner, a movie with friends, a concert or just to go for a walk, if he has never asked you to go anywhere, don't expect him to.

He tends to be rude or mean when he responds to you. If all his messages are hurtful, then this is a clear sign he is just trying to get rid of you or get you to stop messaging him.

He never seems to know who you are. If he responds to your messages with “who is this”, then it's a sign that he hasn't even taken the time to save your number.

He asks you for advice about other girls. Unless you are OK with being in the friend zone, this is a clear indication that he only sees you as a friend.

He doesn't even text you to let you know he's not coming. Whether it was for a friend's birthday or an evening for just the two of you to hang out, if he stands you up without texting you, then stop all communication with him.

When he does text to cancel without an explanation, you deserve a reason. Enough said.

He changes his number without letting you know.

He doesn't want to confront you in public. He always seems to suddenly be busy when you happen to be at the same place, then he's desperately trying to avoid you without making it completely obvious.

You text him more frequently than he responds back. If you are sending five or more text to his one, then stop or at least cut back.

If he happens to only text you between the hours of 12 am and 5 am, then you're simply just a booty call, sorry. Unless you're just looking for a friend with kind of relationship, stop texting him.

He outright tells you to stop texting him. No need to ask “should I stop texting him?”, you already know the answer.

He just never texts your back, ever. He's not taking the time to respond to any of your text, then you shouldn't be wasting your time sending them.

Signs You Could Keep Texting with Him

Sometimes he might just be working on something else or may not have his phone in reach to respond. The follow signs could mean he does like you, but you should just wait it out till he calls.

He gives you compliments. If he regularly has dropped a few “You looked great tonight” text, then it's a good sign that he's interested in you. When a guy likes you, he won't be able to resist giving you genuine compliments.

If he was the last one to send a text, then he's not going to send another till he hears from you. It's a weird texting pride things among guys. So even if his last text didn't warrant an immediate response, if he was the last one to text you, then the ball is in your court.

He can't resist letting you know he had a great time with you when you guys hang out. It's OK to let him slide on a few missed text when he obviously lets you know he enjoys spending time with you.

If he's starting texting you good morning or goodnight most days, then he's absolutely smitten with you. He is clearly letting you know that he's thinking about you when he sends you text like these. He obviously thinks of you as more than just a friend, so don't stress when he hasn't responded right away all the time to your text.

Should I stop texting him if he makes fun of me? While you'll want to stop texting him if he is being outright mean often times or if he is being playful with you. If he puts in the effort to make you laugh and smile, then he's interested in you and wants to make you happy.

Should I stop texting him if he makes fun of me? While you'll want to stop texting him if he is being outright mean often times or if he is being playful with you. If he puts in the effort to make you laugh and smile, then he's interested in you and wants to make you happy.

Simply put, if he is engaging in the texts you send him and is keeping the conversation going on, then he might be into you. This is a clear sign that he wants to get to know you and for you to know him.


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