You've been seeing one special lady for a while. You talk constantly, look forward to spending more time with her and you think this could be something that lasts the long term. You might be thinking it is time to take things to the next level physically, but is she on the same page? Before you make the first move, you'll want to look for these signs a woman wants to sleep with you to ensure you will get the green light.

Signs She Wants to Sleep With You


She'll Ask About Your Schedule

If she is showing more interest in what your morning routine is like, then there's a good chance she's been thinking about having sex with you. This is her way of trying to strategize and organize the time frame you guys will spend together.


She's More Affectionate

When a woman wants to get more intimate with you, she'll make it a little more obvious with how much she touches you. If she has been cuddling up closer to you, letting her guard down and allowing you to touch her more, she may be ready to take things to the next level. She may be inviting you over more or wanting to stay in with you more, which can be a good indication that she’s ready to spend the night with you.


She's Flirtier with Text

Otherwise known as sexting, if she is ready to move things along, she'll start sending you more sexual texts. When a woman wants to be more intimate, she will begin to let you know what pleases her and one of the easiest ways she can do this is through some steamy messages.


She's Curious About Previous Relationships

While many consider it taboo to talk about past relationships, she'll start asking about your sexual history. This is her way of deciding how responsible you are and if she can trust you when moving the relationship forward. She may start inquiring about anyone you may be sleeping or how long it's been since you've done the deed. Either way, it is best to be honest, and open about your previous sex life if you want to move forward with her.


She'll Invite You In

Most women will leave it to the guy to invite her in, but if she takes the initiative to invite you into her place, this can be a clear sign she wants you to spend the night. While this can be one of the more obvious signs a woman wants to sleep with you, it doesn't also mean she is ready. She may just be testing the waters at first, but it is still a good sign that she is at least toying with the idea of sleeping with you.


She Dresses More Seductively

Dressing provocatively is not a sure sign that she wants to sleep with you and no matter how scantily she may be dressed, you should always treat her respectfully. This, however, could be a good sign that she is considering being more intimate with you, especially if it is not her typical attire. If she usually dresses more conservatively and all of the sudden wear lower cut shirts or shorter skirts, she's probably trying to get you more sexually interested in her.


She Talks About Sex

Most women will not openly talk about sex on their own and will often try to change the subject when it is brought up. If she has been bringing up sex in your conversations, then it's a good sign that she is thinking about having sex with you. Women will often only talk about sex if they want to have it.


She Compliments Your Physique

When you first started dating, she may have complimented the shirt you were wearing, but when she is ready to take that shirt off, she compliments your body instead. She mentions how toned your chest looks or how strong and big your arms have gotten if her mind is wondering to what it's like to see the rest of your body uncovered.


Her Kisses Are More Passionate

If your good night kisses have become extended and more passionate, then she may be getting ready to take things upstairs. When she starts kissing you with more intensity, it's because her sexual desires are taking over, which is one of the signs a woman wants to sleep with you.


She Looks at Your Lips More

Typically people will look each other in the eyes when they are engaging in conversation together. A woman who wants to sleep with you will instead start at your lips. This could be because she is imagining what else that mouth is capable of.


She Wants to See Your Apartment

Most women will be more comfortable taking this to the next level in the comforts of their own home. If she is interested seeing the inside of your place, there's a good chance she wants to stay the night.


She's OK with Not Having a Plan

If a woman is interested in sleeping with you, then she will make it clear that she has to be home by a certain hour, has to get up early in the morning or simply has other plans. But, if she is thinking about spending the night with you, she'll make sure her schedule is all clear to give you her undivided attention.


She Offers You Breakfast

If she asks you what you want for breakfast while out on your date, this can be a good sign of where the night will be headed. She wouldn't be offering you breakfast if you'd be in other places in the morning to make it for, right?


Her Body Language Is More Sensual

Body language is one of the first indicators that she is thinking about having sex with you. She may be licking her lips more, moving closer to you, her eyes can be dilated and her skin warm to the touch can all be subtle signs she's thinking about getting more intimate with you.


Ask Her

All the signs a woman wants to sleep with you are simply just signs. If you really want to know if she wants to move to next step, just be bold and ask her. If she wants to sleep with you, she'll give you a definite yes.


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