Swelling or edema during pregnancy is a so common symptom of pregnancy. Typical women will experience swelling of the feet, ankles, legs, hands or face due to the fact that more blood and fluids are needed to meet the needs of the growing baby. This extra fluid is also a way for the body to soften and expand to meet the demands of the growing fetus and to prepare itself for delivery. But should you be concerned about swelling of feet during 5th month of pregnancy? Read on to learn more.

Is It Normal to Find Swelling of the Feet During 5th Month of Pregnancy?

Swelling is common throughout the entire pregnancy, but may be more prevalent around the fifth month. This can gradually increase through the third trimester and can be brought on by the following factors:

  • Heat

  • Being on your feet for long periods of time

  • Excess activity

  • Not getting enough potassium

  • Too much caffeine

  • Too much sodium

While the swelling may become more noticeable during the fifth month, there are a few other changes you may notice as well.

  • Your baby begins to show more during the fifth month. This is especially true for women who are tall, slim and long-waisted women.

  • You are beginning to itch more. This is because as the skin stretches, it tends to itch more.

  • An increase in discomfort around the navel. This can be more noticeable when you walk and is due to the expanding uterus pressing against the belly button.

  • Your nipples become more sensitive and may even begin to leak colostrum.

  • You may begin to feel cramping or even tiny contractions that will become more frequent as you enter the later part of your third trimester.

  • Abdominal pain can be more noticeable as the ligaments around the uterus begin to shift and are needing to work more. This pain is typically brought on by sudden shifts to your position.

  • The additional fluid being retained in the body, which also causes swelling of feet during 5th month of pregnancy, can also impair your vision. The decrease in estrogen levels can also cause eyesight to change. Your feet may also grow or widen due to the extra weight you are carrying, as well as the excess fluid that collects around the ankles.

How to Minimize Swelling of the Feet During 5th Month of Pregnancy


Cold Compresses

Cold compresses can help reduce swelling and pain for swollen feet and ankles. Wrap ice in a washcloth or paper towels or use an ice pack on the ankles and feet. However, don't apply the ice directly to the skin.


Limit Time on Your Feet

Avoid standing for long periods of time and know how to properly give your legs the rest they need each day. If your job requires you to stand for long periods of time, speak to your boss about ways you can be accommodated so you are not standing the entire time. Try to elevate the feet when you do get a chance to sit and roll the ankles if possible.


Limit Your Salt and Caffeine Consumption

Because too much salt and caffeine can increase swelling during pregnancy, you want to limit how much you consume. Try to stay away from processed foods which tend to contain a high amount of salt. Salt not only causes water retention but it can also cause the blood pressure to rise which can be harmful to your baby. Caffeine should be limited to less than 200 mg a day or one twelve-ounce cup.


Do Light Exercises

You might be hesitant to exercise when you have swelling of feet during 5th month of pregnancy, but it can help reduce the swelling in fact. Walking is usually a safe and highly effective exercise for most pregnant women. Talk to your doctor about other exercises you can partake in to help reduce the swelling during your pregnancy.


Change Your Sleep Position

When you sleep, try to lie on the left side. This puts less pressure on the vein that is used to carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Try to also keep the legs elevated slightly or rely on pillows to give you extra support.


Find a Proper Shoe

Since your feet can expand during the later part of your pregnancy, it is important to wear a comfortable pair that fits properly. Avoid shoes with a heel and consider using shoe inserts to help lessen back pain as well. You can also talk to your doctor about wearing stocking compression.


Include Healthy Diet

Avoiding excess junk food can help reduce swelling during the fifth month of pregnancy. Your diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins. Choose foods that will supply you with an ample amount of vitamin C and E.


Increase Your Water Intake

When you're pregnant, it is even more important that you drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. The water will not only help flush toxins from the body, including excess sodium, it can also help reduce the water retention in the body.


Stay Cool

Swelling can increase when the temperature rises and the warmer weather can increase the risk of dehydration and water retention. Turn on the air conditioning and try to avoid spending too much time outside when it is the hottest times of the day.


Utilize a Pool

Spending a few minutes in a pool will help compress the tissues in the legs and ankles and limit swelling of feet during 5th month of pregnancy. Stay in the shallow end of the pool and simply walk or stand for a little while. You can also purchase a kid's pool if you do not have access to a full-size pool.


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