Relationships are not easy. Girls often complain that their significant other do not really give them what they desire. Ladies, that’s because he does not even know what you want. Just like everything else, girls and guys have different mindsets and cannot fit themselves into the others’ brain. Men cannot understand women completely, not because they are complicated but because they are different than them. For that, it is easier to understand what girls like so that you guys can make better efforts on your behalf for girls.

What Are the Things That Girls Like?


Surprise Us!

It is a myth that women want expensive gifts and such, but honestly, most women are looking for love only. A little surprise does not mean emptying your wallet, what matters is your love behind that. These ideas might help:

  • Notice what your girl is into these days. If she has started taking dance classes, get her a new pair of dance shoes.

  • Know what your girl likes. If she likes dressing up or accessorizing, get her a cute bracelet or something she can wear.

  • Get something that she wanted but couldn’t buy at that moment, like the bag in that store she spotted while driving but forced herself to look away.


Talk to Us

Communication is one of the most determining factors in a relationship, so do not forget to be open for her to talk to. We see things that interest us and piss us off. In either case, we want you to listen.

  • If she asks which pair of shoes goes with her dress, just give her the advice you find best. You don’t have to be right; you just have to be there for her.

  • Let her open up to you about her fears and insecurities, dreams and passions, and even any complaints about the relationship.

  • You might not care about what her new friend’s boyfriend did to her friend, but it is one of the things that girls like that her guy takes interest in her conversation.


Care for Us

Care and concern can save big fights in relationships. Girlfriends are more often than not, very involved in what goes on in their boyfriend’s life. They want to feel your involvement in their lives, too. You can:

  • Ask her how her day was. Her first day at a new class, her day out with girlfriends, her day at home, at work, or at the grocery store, even.

  • Understand her situations. Don’t wave off her unexplained repulsion from the new girl in class.

  • Keep a track of their life’s happenings. The wedding reception she will attend this weekend? Ask her what she’s wearing to that.


Have Faith in Us

If a girl can’t depend on her guy for encouragement and support, who can she look up to? Girls are dreamers, I admit it, but dreams should never be cast off. All you need to do is to respect our dreams and our passions.

  • When she tells you that she will become something big someday, know that she has a fire to do it and she just may.

  • Don’t laugh at her seemingly ridiculous ideas. Whatever they are, they are hers.

  • Try to support her in her career and her goals. If she’s working hard for something, try to provide some support or encouragement.


Appreciate Us

A girlfriend makes many efforts for her guy, while most of those efforts go unnoticed. But remember, your appreciation will be the best thing she wants for anything she has done.

  • It wouldn’t cost a penny to say, “Yum! Tonight’s dinner is delicious! You make the best baked chicken!”

  • You might want to compliment her on your next dine-out because she has spent hours trying to look good beside you.

  • Say "Thanks you"because she does those little chores around the house like your laundry and your dishes.



You should realize that both partners in a couple are PARTNERS – which means they work together, and it is one of the things that girls like.

  • Take the trash out a few days a week. It takes only a few minutes, and you won’t be doing much but she will appreciate it.

  • When she spends a long day preparing a special dinner for you. You can lift a burden off her shoulders by doing the dishes.

  • She may be doing the laundry every three days. What you can do for her is to do it at least once a week or at least accompany her every time.


Protect Us Against the World

The society is cruel at times and can put your girl down to her knees, but when that happens, you must stand up for her, just like she would in a similar scenario.

  • If someone makes fun of her appearance, make them regret it. We don’t care how you do it, but protect her from that negativity.

  • Your girlfriend may be the highest achiever in class, and some jealous people may still find ways to call her ‘nerd’ or so, then boast openly about her wits.

  • People may get in the way to your girl’s dreams, kick them out and clear the way for your queen.


Bear with Our Emotions

Women are very likely to go on emotional roller coasters every now and then, so don’t avoid us when you know we are crying our eyes out at home.

  • We may have failed at something we wanted to be good at, and we may have become a wreck, so give us a tissue and be there when needed.

  • No matter how confident your girl is, there will be times when she’s doubtful of her value. Your love and presence should be enough to handle that.

  • Do not EVER make fun of a girl for crying at a very romantic scene in the movie. Give her a shoulder to cry on, instead.


Lighten Up a Little

Girls love humor, and humor loves girls. Without being cheesy or lame, crack us up or simply make us smile with something cute that you can say or do.

  • Girls drool over hot guys, but they give their hearts to guys who can make them laugh, or at least smile. Reminisce about a funny event together sometimes.

  • Nothing can cheer us up more than the realization that our man actually cares enough for us to be trying to cheer us up.

  • If you can’t find a good joke, talk funny about whoever has ruined her mood. That girl in class bullying her? Make up funny stories about her.


Use Your Phone Wisely

Among all the things that girls like, this is a sure-fire way to instantly make your girl happy. Girls are obsessed with the idea that their guys is thinking of them all the time, so prove it to her.

  • A good morning message will make her entire day happy. Trust me; you will notice a wider smile when you meet her that evening.

  • Random messages while she’s at work will be the best coffee for her. It will vanish all her tiredness and she will be thankful to you.

  • Tell her about things you come across – music you like, people you meet, events you witness…literally anything. The notification of a text message from you is good enough for her to dance a little.


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