It often seems that women rarely have to put much effort into turning on their male companion and putting in a little effort can make him feel like a god in the bedroom. Yes, it doesn't usually take much to beckon a man to the bedroom, but there are a few things that can actually make them want to avoid it at all cost no matter how horny they are. Not sure if you are making any bedroom mistakes that could make your guy turned off during sex? This article will reveal top things that turn off almost any guy in an instant.

Things That Can Turn Off Guys Easily During Sex


Using your teeth

If you are engaging in oral sex and brushing your teeth against his penis, chances are he's not really enjoying himself. Most men despise the feeling of teeth on any part of their penis.


Changing things when it feels good

Men tend to be vocal about what feels good during sex, which is actually an indication that whatever you are doing, just keep doing it. If you instead change positions or start doing something else after they have let you know it feels good, it will only lead to frustration and confusion on his part.


Nipple pinching

Giving a man's nipples a little attention is OK, as long as it is kisses or gentle sucking. Pinching his nipples, however, is not pleasant for most men and should be avoided.


Having a nasty mouth

A little dirty talk can help heighten his arousal, but there is a line you shouldn't cross. If you are continuously using derogatory words or phrases during sex, chances are you will turn him off. While guys like girls to be a little nasty when it comes to talking in the bedroom, they don't want the soft and innocent image they associate with you being a woman to be tainted. Be careful how dirty you talk or your man could be instantly turned off during sex.



When you guys first started having sex, the shy thing was probably cute and hot to him. But after you guys have been together a few times, keeping yourself completely hidden with the lights off and covers on loses it cute sex appeal. If you are insecure about having him see you naked, it indicates you're not being comfortable around him, which most guys won't find very sexy.


You do the same things

Sex is supposed to be fun and most guys like trying new things in the bedroom. If you, however, aren't interested in trying out a new position or adding in some role play, he is going to lose interest in sleeping with you.


He has to do everything

Some refer to this as the starfish position, where the girl just lies down and expects the man to do all the work, every, single, time. Just laying down and letting him climb on top of you gives the impression that you're not interested in having sex and that you are bored during it.


You avoid his penis

If the only touching you do to his penis is simply to guide it where it needs to penetrate, you could be turning off you man. If you don't want to touch or even look at his penis, then you're not giving him the attention that can make ordinary sex into extraordinary sex.


You're selfish

If you tend to tap out after you have orgasm during sex before he has, then you're just being selfish. Losing interest and acting bored after you have gotten off is something that would cause any guy to be instantly turned off during sex.


Pet interruptions

Having your dog or cat barge into the room and even worse jump on the bed while you guys are having sex can be a huge mood killer. Pets can make things awkward by wanting to take part in the action by licking, jumping, barking, or simply sitting in the doorway staring as you two go at it. Make sure you keep the doors shut to avoid any interruption your pets may cause.



Guys try to be understanding that not every girl will swallow. But if you not only spit after giving a blowjob but tend to spit during the process when you get a little bit of his juices in your mouth, you'd better just skip the oral. It only annoys him as well as turning him off.


Making faces

We aren't talking about the faces that show how much you enjoy what he's doing, we're talking about the faces that mean disgust. Scrunching your face in a way that indicates he shouldn't be doing what he is doing not only hurts his feelings but probably aggravates him as well. Instead of relying on your facial expression to get him to stop doing what he is doing the moment, guide him to do something differently with action.


Being too aggressive with his manhood

A man's penis is highly sensitive and some women fail to understand this. If you are pulling on his penis like it's some kind of toy or doing anything other than gently touching his balls, your man can be turned off during sex easily. Very few men like to have their penis handled in an aggressive way.


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