Settling down is one of the most difficult choices a man has to make in his lifetime. All sorts of questions run through his mind. Will it work? Will she accept? Is there someone better out there? Am I ready to stay with one person forever? These are just some of the questions that go through his mind. It is hard to pin point exactly when a guy is ready to settle down. However, there are telltale signs you can look out for particularly after they reach a certain age.

At What Age Do Guys Settle Down?

The simple answer is that there’s not a particular age that men settle down. There is only the age that your man is ready to settle down. People differ in their thoughts and views towards relationship and life choices. Mostly, men are ready to settle down around the age of 30 but again, this differs a lot in each individual. Here’s more to know about what men are thinking and if they are likely to settle down in different ages:

Early Twenties

This is a no go zone if you’re looking to settle down with a guy. He’s unlikely to commit to a relationship and is usually not planning on settling down any time soon. Guys in their early twenties are too naïve and are usually looking to play the field.


Guys in their mid-twenties are usually more mature and have established the kind of qualities they’re looking for in a woman. While they’re comfortable being in a long term relationship, most are not looking to settle down immediately. At this age they’re probably looking for someone they can date for a few years before they pop the question. However, there is a fair share of guys in this age bracket that wouldn’t mind settling down.

Early 30’s

This is the prime age for settling down for men. Most are settled into their careers and are either looking to settle down or are already co-habiting if they’re not already married. They’re sure about the qualities they’re looking for in a woman and would be willing to settle down with “the one” within 6 months of meeting. Besides, their peers are also getting married, which exerts much influence on their thoughts.

Mid 30’s

At what age do guys settle down? Could it be their mid-thirties? After men have hit their mid-thirties, they are no longer as eager to settle down as they were in their early thirties. They’ve probably been through a few committed relationships and have made the conscious decision not to rush things based on their experience. They’d probably be willing to settle down if they met the right person and dated for at least a year.

Signs That He’s Ready to Settle Down with You


He’s Formed a Relationship with Your Family

Does he know that your mom is trying out a new recipe for Thanksgiving and you didn’t tell him? That right there is a sign that things are headed in the right direction. If he grabs your dad’s favorite beer on your way to your parent’s home and you often find yourself cut out of conversations between them, he’s ready.


Talks about Buying a House Together

If he’s mentioned anything about your dream house, and how he’d like a bigger garage, there’s a chance he’s thinking long term. This is something he’s been thinking about and is definitely planning to settle down with you are the right time.


You’re His Emergency Contact

Has he listed you as an emergency contact in any forms he has filled, say for the skeeball league at the bar? This is a dead giveaway. He trusts you enough to know that you’re not going to walk out on him if he gets a ‘career’ threatening injury during the bar game. This is a sure sign that he’s thinking about settling down with you.


You Have His Passwords

No one shares passwords with a fling – never! If you have his phone’s login PIN (doesn’t count if he didn’t give it to you), his Netflix password, or his bank account details, then you might as well start shopping for a wedding dress. This level of trust is only given to someone who has a place in their future.


You’re Discussing Finances

Guys don’t talk about 401ks, mutual funds and checking accounts with girlfriends they have no intention of settling down with. If you often have these kinds of conversations, it means he’s thinking about marriage. He desires that you both live comfortably and wants you to work together towards your financial goals.


He Prefers To Hang Out With You

If he becomes less interested in going out and loves to hang out with you during his free time, then he’s probably ready to settle down. Guys usually start slowing down and feeling more comfortable staying home with their significant other when they’re ready to settle down.


You Feel Secure In the Relationship

At what age do guys settle down? Is it really dependent on age? Sometimes your gut feeling about the relationship is all you need to determine whether he’s ready to settle down. If you feel completely comfortable and confident that your relationship is headed in the right direction, then it probably is.


His Friends Are Settling Down

Are all his friends settling down? Do you often go out together as couples with these friends? Then you are probably on your way to a long term relationship. Peer pressure can work well for you under the right circumstances.


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