For women, getting wet is just a natural occurrence when they get turned on, which makes sex more pleasurable. While many feel it happening as they become aroused, they may be wondering just why this happens. In this article, we will take a closer look at the female anatomy and answer the question of why women get wet by revealing what is really going on when women get turned on.

Why Do Women Get Wet?

When a woman gets turned on or aroused, the vaginal walls produce moisture (also referred to as mucus). A natural lubrication is provided from the Bartholin gland, which is located near the opening of the vagina and the cervix. This is done to prepare for sexual intercourse.

Is there a normal amount?

Estrogen plays a role in how much moisture is created during the arousal period. It is a hormone that impacts the development of a number of sexual characteristics from breast to regulating the menstrual cycle. Women who become much wet during arousal and intercourse often have a higher level of estrogen. Taking birth control can result in less moisture being produced since most birth controls will decrease the estrogen levels in the body.

How wet a women gets will vary from person to person and there is no 'normal' amount. While some women will be able to produce a sufficient amount of lubrication, others will need to resort to synthetic lubes and some women will produce so much that they reduce the sensation they can feel while having sex. There is no right or normal amount of moisture a woman should produce when she becomes aroused, so however wet you become is normal.

How to Help Women Get Wet

Why do women get wet? Yes, you have known it is the way their bodies prepare for sex. Then how to help them become aroused? Since the brain will react to a number of sexual stimulation, you will want to know the following tricks that would help.

Visual Arousal

Women can easily become aroused when they see something attractive. This can be a good looking guy they see on a regular basis, a celebrity, porn, or just the image of someone they are attracted to. These visual arousals send a message to the brain that she is thinking about sex and in return she becomes wet. The body then will prepare for sex even if this is not her ultimate intention.

Auditory Arousal

Do you know women are often more easily aroused by auditory signals? A compliment or a whisper in her ear can be all it takes for her to become aroused. This is often due to the fact that women are better at communications. Where men can become easily aroused by visuals, women can become easily aroused by words. Women are more interested in getting to know a person, so words are a much more effective way to get her wet.

Touch Arousal

The neck, inner thigh, breast and many other areas on a woman's body are trigger zones for her to become aroused. Every woman has highly sensitive areas on her body that can send sensation to her brain and cause her to become wet. Kissing is also an easy way for women to become wet.

Mental Arousal

Women can mentally cause themselves to become wet, because the thoughts can have physical effects on the body. It is not uncommon for women to be caught up in a fantasy of having sex in their mind, which in turn will cause a woman to become wet.

Why It's Hard to Get Wet Sometimes?

Even though you know tricks and try accordingly, sometimes you just find they don't work, wondering "Why do women get wet easily sometimes and not easily other times?" Well, a woman's vagina is mysterious and there are times when you may not be getting wet even though you are turned on.


During menopause, perimenopause, after a woman has given birth, while she is still breastfeeding and even during chemotherapy, it can be difficult for a woman to get wet. This is due to a decrease in estrogen levels.


A number of cold and allergy medicines that have antihistamines in them can cause vaginal dryness. Asthma medications can also have this unfortunate side effect. If you are taking any medication, you might want to consider a more natural remedy if you are experience vaginal dryness.

Low Sex Drive

If your partner isn't rocking your world in the bedroom, this can cause women to be dry. Your partner may or may not be doing everything they should be to get you turned on enough to make you wet. And you would like to know the truth that the more attracted you are to someone, the easier it will be for you to become wet when turned on by them.

Soaps or Body Washes

Sometimes women can have allergic reactions to the chemicals found in a number of soaps and body washes. This can also be from perfumes, dyes, other hygiene products that get onto the underwear or even towels you dry off with. Even lubes can have this effect. The allergic reaction could cause a woman to remain dry when aroused. So it is best to try products that are more natural and organic.


You might not be asking "Why do women get wet?" or "Why they don't get wet?" if you are overly stressed. It is hard for any woman to become aroused when they are stressed out since stresses make their focus often elsewhere. When they can't focus on sex, they can't get turned on and therefore the body will not produce any moisture.

If being dry is a common and persistent occurrence, it is always best to talk to your gynecologist just to rule out any serious issues that might be going on.


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