Two years ago, we established a website called Enkivillage which inspires to be a platform where people can share their knowledge on various fields, like life, health, food, travel, relationships, etc. Generating a traffic of tens of thousands daily views, we know that what we are doing is right and meaningful. People can actually learn things from our site and also spread the knowledge to make others’ life better and also the world a better place.

What Enkimd Is Trying to Build

Among the topics, we have seen users leaving comments and expressing interest and concerns over health issues, which leads us to build Enkimd. Why? In this tough world, people are under constant stress and never have the time to take care of their body. We need to spread the awareness that if we don’t educate ourselves about our health, our body is going to worsen day by day. It is therefore our ambition to create a site where readers can find every piece of valuable health information regarding themselves, their family, and all people around the globe.

While we recognize that this ambitious goal will take many years to accomplish, we hereby promise you that we'll spare no efforts and persist in making this happen. And we take pleasure in knowing that there are millions of kind and warmhearted people like you who will join us in achieving this goal.

How You Can Contribute

You can either leave a comment when reading an article, which you think you have something to say about it; or you can create your own article HERE!

At Enkimd, each and every individual is an expert. You may not have a medical degree, but you surely have life experiences and tricks that others don’t know.

Whatever you share with us on Enkimd, you are helping make life easier and joyful for other people. Whether it’s tasteful and healthy recipes, or some ideas on workout, or just telling your experience of overcoming a health condition, the medicines you used, etc. Nothing is too small to make a difference!


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