For a millennium people have been searching for the best hangover cure. Even in the Middle Ages, the Assyrians would document their terrible morning after ailments and the remedies used to try to cure the hangover, but without much success. While there is no one cure for hangovers, there are some foods that, backed by science, can help alleviate some of the hangover symptoms effectively. If you are struggling from the repercussions of a long night out, you'll want to give one of these best hangover food remedies a try.

Best Foods to Relieve Hangover Symptoms



The number one thing you should get plenty of both during and after a long night of drinking is to keep yourself hydrated. Alcohol pushes fluids out of the body which results in it trying to stay hydrated by taking water from wherever it is available in the body. The reason why you wake up with a pounding headache is that it is taking water from the brain. As soon as you wake up from a night out, first drink a tall glass of water to reduce the headache.



Ginger tea, tea with lemon, peppermint tea, and green tea can serve as a hangover cure. If you are feeling nauseous after a night of drinking, green tea and peppermint tea are known to help reduce stomach ailments like nausea.


Fruit juices

If you need an instant energy boost to get yourself going in the morning, drink a glass of cranberry, apple or pear juice. These juices contain fructose which gives you energy and contain a number of vitamins that will help rehydrate the body. Just try to avoid orange juice which can make your hangover worse.



For some people, coffee can make your hangover symptoms worse, but for those who already drink it regularly, it can help. Coffee can rehydrate the body and will give you the boost of energy you need to get going after you've had one too many drinks the night before.


Coconut Water

The best hangover food is actually a drink as you can see from the list. Coconut water contains plenty of electrolytes that will help the body in many ways. It also contains a healthy dose of potassium which also rehydrates the body.


Tomato juice

If you want to help your body process the toxins you just consumed from drinking, then reach for a tall glass of tomato juice. Tomatoes not only help boost liver function but they also contain a number of electrolytes that will keep the body hydrated to reduce the hangover headache.



Eating a spoonful of honey will help remove alcohol from your body faster. This is because honey contains a large amount of fructose which competes with alcohol in the digestive process, forcing it out of the body faster.



Bananas are a great source of potassium which the body needs to have replenished after a night of drinking. Alcohol will deplete the body's potassium levels which can be the cause for a number of your hangover pains. So if you don't feel like eating anything else, at least try to eat a banana.



It is not just the high water content that makes watermelon a good food to eat to cure a hangover. The magnesium, potassium, and amino acids help boost the circulation in the blood while providing detoxing effects to rid toxins from the body.



Instead of reaching for the over the counter meds to relieve you of hangover pains, reach for a handful of blueberries. Blueberries contain immune system boosting properties that work much like over the counter meds, but blueberries are much better for you.



Making yourself a quick scrambled egg can be one of the best hangover foods to eat. Making these in the more can help relieve your headache and promote liver function. The amino acids cysteine and taurine help boost liver function and break down the chemical that causes your nasty hangover headache.



There are plenty of nutrients in a bowl of oatmeal that can be highly beneficial when you wake up with a hangover. With vitamin B, magnesium, iron and calcium, you will not only be feeling better but you will also give your body a healthy energy boost.



Mix up some guacamole which contains cilantro for an even more powerful hangover cure. Cilantro can help reduce the feelings of nausea after a long night of drinking.



Whether it is before you head out to drink or the morning after, spinach can help keep hangover symptoms at bay. The sulfur, vitamin C, and folic acid will reduce your hangover symptoms and if you eat a light spinach salad before you hit the bars, you will be less likely to over drink through the night since spinach keeps you feeling full.



Pickles and pickle juice contain vinegar, salt and plenty of water. This combination of ingredients helps restore the electrolytes in the body and replenishes the sodium levels.



Eating a handful of almonds or walnuts before you head out to drink can help reduce your risk of suffering from a hangover the next morning. The healthy fats and proteins in nuts will slow down the absorption of the alcohol, meaning you won't wake up feeling as terrible the next morning.



While a nice greasy burger may be something you crave the morning after you drink to, try to eat one before you head out for the bars instead. The fate and protein in burgers will slow down the absorption of alcohol in the body which will keep the hangover away in the morning.



Yogurt can be easy on the stomach after a night of drinking and you can add in a number additional best hangover food suggestions from this list, like bananas or honey, to make it more effective. Greek yogurt especially can stabilize blood sugar levels that can ward off headaches and nausea that are brought on by drinking too much.


Toast or crackers

Whole wheat toast or crackers are easy on the stomach and will help raise the blood sugar levels in the body. Try topping your toast or crackers with a bit of honey to help cure your hangover.



Instead of reaching for a plate of greasy fries to cure your hangover, try steamed asparagus. The minerals and amino acids that are packed into asparagus will help flush toxins out of the body and promote liver function.


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