As the seasons change, so does our workout routine. When it's warm and nice out, you're more motivated to get out doors or hit the gym, but once it starts to get colder and the days shorter, that motivation starts to disappear. Just because the weather isn't ideal doesn't mean your health and fitness have to suffer. Working out from home is not only more convenient but doesn't have to cost a fortune or take much time to set up a workout area in your own home. To get you started, consider stocking your home gym with some of the best home exercises equipment from the list below.

Best Home Exercise Equipment



Dumbbells are essential for any gym since they help you build muscle, burn more fat and can be easily added to many workouts. While you can invest in a rack of various dumbbell weights, it might be ideal to get a set of adjustable dumbbells. They take up less space, making them easier to store when not in use.


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands come in a variety sizes and colors! Having some of these in your home gym will allow you to work on increasing your mobility and get a proper stretch. These are also great for taking out doors or on the go.


Foam mats

While exercising, you want to make sure your joints are well protected and when working out at home, you also need to worry about protecting your floors. Foam floor mat tiles can do both. These mats provide you with extra cushion and will keep your floors safe while you are jumping around.


Yoga Mat

If you don't have much space to lay down the foam mats, then a yoga mat is something you'll need to have. These mats allow you to workout in a smaller space while giving you the cushion and no slip grip that foam mats can give you.



Kettlebells can give you a full body workout easily without having to go from one machine to the next. They can be a huge time saver when you are limited on how long you can spend working out. Like dumbbells, you can invest in multiple weight kettle bells, but the best home exercise equipment is adjustable kettlebell.


Medicine Ball

You can bump up your warm up by adding in a medicine ball, but using one indoors can often lead to a lot of noise and broken items in the home. A softer medicine ball still gives the same added weight and durability, but is gentler for home use.


Jump Rope

This classic piece of equipment may seem outdated, but it has a number of uses. Using a jump rope can help increase your heart rate and make your regular routines more intense. A weighted jump rope adds in more resistance and strength training.


Foam Roller

Foam rollers also have a number of uses and can be great to use on recovery days. This piece of equipment can help massage sore muscles and help increase your flexibility. They come in a number of textures and can target specific areas of the body from the hamstrings and back to the neck, feet, and quads.


Rowing Machine

A rowing machine gives you a full body work that tones and strengthens the core muscles groups. This machine will also help improve your cardiovascular system, endurance and help you burn more calories. Rowing machines are also easy on the joints so you can reduce your risk of injury.


Stationary Bike

When it comes to getting an excellent lower body workout in, a stationary bike can provide you with the resistance you want from the comforts of your own home. A stationary bike allows you to work on your cardio, build lower body muscles and is one of the best home exercise equipment machines that you can still catch your favorite show or game in the process.



Elliptical machines provide you with a low impact workout that can be better than running on a treadmill. Those who have joint or back issues can benefit greatly from this exercise machine since you get a great workout through a gliding motion.



Running, jogging and walking are all ideal ways to get a good cardio workout, but when the weather changes, getting outdoors for a run isn't going to be possible. Adding a treadmill to your home gym that features a variety of setting will allow you to stick to your cardio workouts easily.


Weight Bench

Whether you are including weights into your workout or want an easier way to keep your muscles tone, having a weight bench is beneficial. One that is adjustable and features a shine pads will make it easier to work on your abs, arms, core and more.


Pull-Up Bar

When you are limited for space, a pull-up bar is ideal since it can easily be attached to just about any door frame. This piece of equipment will help you tone your arms and build strength in your back. Find a pull-up bar that can easily go from the door frame to the floor for a more versatile workout.



A sturdy step platform can be used for a number of exercise routine. From cardio to weight lifting, this is one of the best home exercise equipment you want include in your home gym that is simple. This piece of equipment can add in some intensity to your workouts, but is lightweight, so you will have no problem moving it from one spot to another while working out.


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