Are you an avid reader? You probably know that books are a wealth of information. There are millions of books in the world from different genres. They range from fiction to books based on real life stories, autobiographies and motivations books among many others. With such a wide array, it is easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the ones to read and those to leave.

There are different books for different needs. However, there are certain books that you should read at least once in lifetime.

20 Books Everyone Should Read


The Great Gatsby

This is considered one of the best American literary works. It is a book that revolves around the elites of America in the 20s. In this book, the author, Maureen Corrigan explains how the great Gatsby came into existence and why it still is.


George Orwell’s 1984

In this book, the author uses his skill to take us through the life of Winston Smith. We follow through the life of the character as he tries to develop himself in a world that forbids individuality, love and freewill.


To Kill a Mocking Bird

Published in the 1960s and written by Harper Lee, this book is a timeless classic. It is a book that revolves around human behavior based on the lives of people in the 20th century. The author uses humor, hatred, prejudice, love and even hypocrisy to create a masterpiece. This is definitely one of the books everyone should read.


The Prince

The Prince is a book set in the 1500s. This book is simply a guide on how one can acquire and keep political power even though some methods are not exactly ideal. If you seek to understand the dynamics that run modern day politics, this book is definitely worth a read.


J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Most people have heard of Harry Potter and watched the movies, but very few have ever read the books. This book will introduce you to the world of magic. You will visit Hogwarts, meet the characters and start your journey to a series of some of the best literary works to ever be written.


The Republic

This is a book written by Plato, one of the best writers and philosophers of all time. It was written at around 380BC. This is a book that try to explain justice and also show how a just state or city should look like. This book seeks to explain whether or not the just man is happier than the unjust one.


Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations

If you are looking for a book that will educate you on economics, this books is a must read for you. This shows the fundamental works on free market policies.


Pride and Prejudice

This is a book authored by Jane Austen. It is one of the best novels of all times. It follows through the courtship of a couple in a world where courtesy and manners are held in high 


Theodore Roosevelt Trilogy

This is story about the life of Theodore Roosevelt. Written in over 2500 pages on 3 volumes, this book depicts the details of the president’s life from a young age to his final days in politics.


Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl

This is an unforgettable and highly influential read. The author’s work is an unedited work that revolves around the life of a young girl who leads a life hiding from the Nazis. Despite the circumstances, the author believes that humans are still good at heart and the world is still a beautiful place. This book promises to change your life.


Brave New World

Written by Aldous Huxley, this is yet another book ideal for anyone trying to learn how politics work. This book takes a look at changes in technology that would affect and change society.


The Book Thief

While looking for the books everyone should read, The Book Thief cannot be missed in the list. This book is set in Germany in the late 1930s. It is a story about a book thief who follows Liesel, who is trying to rescue books from the Nazi rule. This is a book about family and friendship and it will arm your heart.


How to Win Friends and Influence People

This is one of the first of many books that followed that are geared toward developing your people skills. While it is more than 80yrs old, the tips given in this book are as applicable today as they were back then.


Little Women

This is a novel about 4 sisters with different personalities as they grow up in the 19th century in New England. It is an interesting read that brings to light their individual struggles and flaws as they grow up to become women


Roman Honor

This book explores the role honor played in ancient Rome and how it helped to shape the lives of the romans from the republic’s early days all through to the fall of the empire. While it is a hard read, it is well worth the time. It also has footnotes that are as intriguing as the main story.


Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

This book revolves around a world where books are forbidden and the main character is tasked with the duty to burn any books he comes across. It is simply a depiction of how the western society has become dependent on conformity and the media.



This is a book that revolves around the life of Billy Pilgrim. The author has done a good job mixing a bit of humor with science fiction and also part autobiography. This book takes you through the unsettling journey through the absurdities and realities of war.


Jane Eyre

This is a book about Jane and how she overcame her troubled childhood in a Victorian society to become one of the most well knows heroines in the fictional world.


Animal Farm

This is one of the most famous satires of all time. Yet another one of the books everyone should read. Written in 1945, the animal farm explains the risks involved in revolution and dynamics the animals are forced to adapt to.


The Sun Also Rises

This is the novel that shot Hemingway to global success. This book follows a group of friends as they journey through France and Spain where there is plenty of bull fighting and drinking of wine. It is a semi biography where the main character is shown struggling to deal with his war wounds.


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