There are plenty of health benefits from drinking water. It's great for your skin, digestive system and your body needs plenty of water to stay hydrated and functioning properly. But, did you know drinking hot water can provide you with even more benefits than your standard room temperature or ice cold water? Read on to learn just how the temperature of the water you consume can benefit you.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Hot or Warm Water?


Lose weight

While it is essential to drink enough water each day to maintain a healthy weight, drinking hot or warm water may help you shed a few extra pounds. The hotter temperature can help increase the metabolic rate in your body, which results in burning more calories. Drinking warm water before your meals will not only make it easier for your body to digest the foods but will also act as an appetite suppressant so that you don't over eat.



Adding in some fresh lemon juice to your hot water will help flush out toxins and free radicals. This helps stimulate the digestive tract naturally so you use less energy to flush out these toxins as well. Drinking cold water slows down the digestive tract and can cause fat deposits to build up along the intestines.


Better blood circulation

Drinking warm or hot water can improve your blood circulation as well. The hot or warm water will help clean away oils and fat deposits in the nervous system, creating a clear passage for blood to flow more easily. Better blood is beneficial to you overall health since it keeps the heart and lungs functioning properly.


Good for arthritis pain

It is often recommended that you soak in a bath of hot or warm water to help relieve muscles aches and pains, but this can also be true from drinking hot water. Since the hot water improves circulation, this, in turn, allows the joints to relax which can reduce the pain you feel from arthritis.


Repairs skin cells

Hot water flushes out the toxins that can cause you to age faster. By drinking water, you help maintain healthy skin by repairing the cells, improving elasticity, unclogging pores and reducing inflammation. This leaves you with younger looking healthier skin.


Cough remedy

Hot water can help break up the mucus and clear the nasal passage when you have a cough. Mixing a little bit of honey in the hot water will also soothe your sore throat and help prevent the cough from becoming worse.


Healthier hair

Drinking water will help keep the scalp hydrated, which reduces the appearance of dandruff. Warm water will help activate the roots and nerve endings of the hair. By drinking warm water regularly, you can benefit from having healthy hair that is soft and shiny.


Hair growth

Since the hot water stimulates the roots of the hair, this ultimately results in a stimulation of hair growth. It helps encourage activity in the roots of the hair and will speed up the growth process. If you are trying to get your hair to grow faster and longer, then incorporate a glass of hot water to your daily routine.


Eases menstrual cramps

When you are on your period and need relief from cramps, then a glass of hot water might do the trick. The temperature of the water can help soothe and calm the abdominal muscles where the spasms and cramps from menstruation derive from.


Improves digestions

Drinking hot water has a number of benefits on the digestive tract. Instead of drinking cold water with your meals, drink a glass of hot water to help break up the oils and fats in your foods which will make it easier for these foods to move through the digestive system.


Reduces acne

Hot water can help reduce and even eliminate a number of skin issues such as acne. Since the hot water works from the inside out, it cleanses the body of the toxins and bacteria that cause breakouts. While cleaning the skin on the outside on a regular basis can help prevent pimples and breakout, clearing the bacteria from the inside will have even more of an impact since it focuses on the root of the actual problem.


Regulates bowel movement

Hot water helps in digestion and it helps regulate your bowel movement. Water keeps the body hydrated which is necessary to have pain free bowel movements. Drinking a glass of water that is hot in the morning can be especially beneficial for moving any accumulated foods through the digestive tract, which makes it easier for new foods to pass through with ease.


Staying hydrated

Drinking any type of water will keep your body hydrated, which is essential to maintain a healthy body. Your body needs the proper amount of water to rid toxins from the cells, keep organs functioning properly and to be able to supply you with energy. While drinking hot water can help flush toxins, speed up metabolism and improve circulation, what is most important is that you are drinking enough water each day.


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