Losing hair is met with stress for everyone, be it a man or woman. Men especially deal with this problem of hair fall because they are often less concerned about their health and appearance than women. However, when it hits them then whether they are 50 or 20, they become panic, which leads to more hair loss, then more panic, and the cycle goes on. BUT... What if I were to tell you that you still have the hope to prevent hair loss? Yes, many men believe that they are aging and that is why they are losing their hair, so they give up on trying to cure the problem, but there are in fact various reasons other than just aging which can cause hair falling out men suffer and you can prevent it accordingly.

What Causes Hair Falling Out in Men?


Going Too Hard

Men often find pleasure and pride when they are able to pull off an extremely tough workout routine, and who wouldn't? The benefits aren't any less pleasing either: ripped abs, broader shoulders... But, hair fall? Well, not so pleasing. High-resistance workouts tend to make your testosterone rise and peak, resulting in a condition called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which makes your hair weak.

Albeit, you do not need to worry as long as there is a solution, and for this problem, you have two solutions: Either compromise your workout routine's resistance and tone it down, or try products which battle DHT.


Testosterone Supplements

Have you found a sudden increase in your hair fall and are wondering what happened? While you were working so hard on your manly hormones, i.e. taking supplements of testosterone for gaining muscle or enhancing your sex life, you just started killing your hair health. Again, a hormonal imbalance called DHT is making you go bald...

All that you have to do to reverse this damage is to choose one of the many options available. Now these options may vary from laser therapy to nourishing shampoos; Dr.Bauman's anti-DHT shampoo is recommended because it has great reviews, and a paired conditioner.



Inflammation can occur on the scalp which is often due to differing reasons, including excess sebum build-up. This, in combination with natural oils being excreted by the scalp, can invite more scalp problems like fungus that result in a red, itchy scalp. Besides being irritated, your scalp is also unhealthy in this condition, resulting in hair falling out men will suffer.

This can be cured by following the advice of a professional who may prescribe a treatment, or by taking matters into your own hands and using a product like Toppik to cover the bald patches whilst allowing a suitable environment for hair to grow back.



Every smoker and non-smoker knows the dangerous side-effects of smoking include lung cancer, but not everyone knows that smoking also makes you age faster. According to researches, smoking will limit your blood flow, increase toxins in your body, and leave negative effects on not only your health but also your appearance: unhealthy skin and a balding scalp.

Minoxidil is known to work wonders in restoring hair health and growth, so try using it twice per day. Hair falling out in men because of this reason can't be fixed well except half an hour of lasercap therapy on alternate days to regrow hair, or use Kirkland Signature regrowth remedy. 


Beauty Sleep

If you have been missing out on sleep, staying up late, or are practicing a sleeping routine that does not have a regular clock, you are doing yourself more damage than you know. We all know well that the human body needs a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night, but we always ignore that. Men, set your clocks right and work your mind and body only as much as your biology can afford.

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to sleep on time, or difficult to sleep at all, then try some products that help regulating the hormones in your body that induce relaxation and sleep. An alternate is a PRP treatment, or a lasercap laser therapy on your scalp.


Dosing on Pills

Do you know chemotherapy is not the only medicine that causes hair falling out men and women will suffer? Many men and women are constantly taking in so many medicines that are actively taking away their hair while fixing another part of their body. Birth control pills, anti-thyroid medication, and high-cholesterol drugs in addition to many more forms of medication are really an enemy for your hair.

While we understand that some medication is a necessity, do not worry that there is nothing you can do to combat hair fall. Get Bulk Supplements Pure Coenzyme Q10 to aid your scalp health by increasing proteins in hair and to increase oxygen supply to the head. Follow this treatment along with healthy lifestyle for your hair to look and feel better.



Just like our body needs to fuel itself from food and nutrients, our scalp is no different. Hair follicles are made with a lot of proteins and nutrients, which, when you starve yourself on diets or munch on unhealthy food, are deprived. This deprivations can cause your hair follicles to weaken and result in thinner hair, and a balder scalp.

So start making healthy changes to your diet, and then get Natrol Biotin supplements, for example. These provide your body with the B vitamins that promote hair growth. It is also very affordable. Some other similar supplements include Viviscal Professional or Nutrafol Men. Not only do these supplements increase hair growth, but also strengthen your hair.



STOP STRESSING OUT. Your mind has control over your bodily functions more than you know. When you put your mind in a stressful condition instead of controlling your emotions and managing your stress, your brain affects your hormonal balance and the result of this is various health conditions including hair falling out men suffer.

The most important step in achieving a healthy and beautiful body is to lower your stress levels, which can be done through many different methods and activities like Aromatherapy, socialization, yoga, and anything that makes you happy. 


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