You may consider your newborn is constipated when your child is crying while having a bowel movement or passing a dry, hard poop. It is normal and doesn’t mean she is constipated as long as after few days or a week she is passing a soft poop. However, it is important to detect when your baby is constipated as it is a very serious issue for a newborn. Medically, if neglected, it may lead to the bowel blockage that might need surgery. It is very important to know how to treat this condition. If you are wondering: how can I help my baby poop? This article may help you with different methods to treat a constipated baby!

How Can You Help Your Baby Poop Naturally?

If your baby is making bowel movements with pain and cries, and showing discomfort and irritability, these are the symptoms of constipation. Loss of appetite, a hard belly and foul-smelling wind or poop like pellet are also showing signs of constipation. It’s better to find out what causes an infant constipated, so that you can help your baby poop naturally.

Increase Water Intake

When you are wondering "how can I help my baby poop", increasing water intake may be the first thing that you can think of. It is anticipated that your baby is getting plenty amount of water naturally when he is on breast or formula-feed. If your baby has the signs of constipation, it is suggested to add an additional 2-4 ounces of water after every feed to improve the bowels flush properly.


Add Fruit Juice

Apple, pear and prune juices tremendously play an important role in relieving constipation. A majority of newborn babies tend to like juices because they are sweet. You can offer your babies with full strength juices when they are constipated. Begin with an ounce juice after feedings to constrain from a baby to get gassy.


Try High-Fiber Foods

Foods like rice cereal, bananas, cheese, and cooked carrots are usually the mainstay of many infant diets. However, they sometimes have a binding effect on the bowels. Fruits like apricots, pears, prunes, peaches, and plum can be better options to help bowels flush properly.


Leg Exercise: “Peddling a Bicycle”

If you still wondering " how can I help my baby poop?" Try this way – Keep your infant on his back. Hold his legs up and move them in such a way, as if he is peddling a bicycle. Repeat this exercise slow and steadily, releasing abdominal pressure and making things go in the right place. 


Change Infant’s Formula

There are infants who are sensitive to certain formula ingredients. Sometime, some formulas are constipating. Change formula if your child is having constipation. Try  a few formula brands with low-lactose option to find out the one that your baby can tolerate better.


Rectal Stimulation

Rectal stimulation is an effective way to help your baby's bowels move. Take Vaseline and putting a little on the tip of a rectal thermometer and gently insert it into your baby's bottom. Softly wiggle the tip a few times. This stimulation is usually useful to cause a bowel movement and relieve constipation.


Belly Massage

With keeping your baby on his/her back, use your hand to massage his/her belly button gently in a clockwise direction. Massaging will help release tension of the baby’s tummy and making bowel movement easy.


Give Your Baby a Warm Bath

Bathing with warm water is the most relaxing method almost for everybody. It gives a very soothing effect on a constipated infant. It helps a baby relax and get things going. Massage your baby's tummy while drying him. 


Use Glycerin Suppository

If your baby is experiencing a severe constipation, try glycerin suppository. Consult your doctor first to know how much of glycerin suppository you can use. Your doctor may recommend 1/4 to one whole children's suppository according to different conditions, such as your baby's size, age and how long your baby has been constipated. Typically, suppository will cause the bowel move in 15-30 minutes.



After trying these methods above, if the question "how can I help my baby poop?" still bothers you, you have to try some over the counter laxatives. You can use laxatives made from a malt-barley extract (Maltsupex) or psyllium powder (Metamucil) to relieve constipation. Consult your doctor before doing that.


Consult Your Pediatrician

Most mothers can help their babies poop with these above-mentioned cures for constipation. However if you are still unable to solve this issue, you must seek medical assistance immediately. Your doctor will be able to help you find out other reasons or symptoms of your baby's condition and help you with medical treatment. 


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