Did you know that it’s actually possible to naturally recover your virginity? Modern medicine has made it possible to get a new face, bigger boobs, regrow lost hair and even get a new hymen. Virginity in the real sense is a social construct, not a medical one. It’s hard to define what it really is. In most cultures virginity is only broken through penetrative sex when the hymen is broken. The hymen is a thin layer of tissue or membrane that forms a barrier to the entrance of the vagina. A broken hymen often signifies that the woman has had penetrative sex. However, it is common for women and girls who have never had sex to have broken their hymen through intense physical activity. For the sake of clarity, we’ll discuss virginity with respect to the breaking of the hymen. Are you wondering how to be a virgin again? Find out below.

How Can I Restore My Virginity?

There are plenty of snake oil dealers peddling all sorts of virginity restoration ointments and solutions. The truth is, there is only one way to restore the hymen – that’s through a surgical process called a hymenorrhaphy. Also referred to as a hymenoplasty, a hymenorrhaphy is a surgical reconstruction of a ruptured hymen. The reconstruction of the hymen is considered part of gynecological care and is usually classified as plastic surgery since it’s a cosmetic rather than medical procedure. For this reason, the procedure is not widely available and you might need to visit a private clinic to have the procedure done.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate for the Procedure?

Wondering how to be a virgin again, but you’re not sure whether it can work for you? A hymenorrhaphy can work for any woman who wants to restore their hymen due to cultural, religious, personal or social grounds.

You can have the procedure done any time after the rupture of the hymen. It should be noted that damage to the original hymen increases each time you have intercourse. The less damage done to the original hymen, the better the outcome of the restoration will be.

How Does It Work?

A hymenorrhaphy is a non-invasive procedure that is performed under local anesthesia and mild sedation. There are instances when the patient’s condition at the time of the surgery might call for the use of general anesthesia.

In preparation for the procedure, your gynecologist will excise the torn edges of your hymen. Thereafter, they might sew the torn skin of the secondary layer of the hymen together in a bid to make the hymen look intact. Another way in which the procedure can be performed is by replacing the hymen with an artificial membrane without blood supply. With this procedure, you’re required to steer clear of penetrative sex for at least 3 months. Alternatively, the gynecologist can replace the hymen with a flap taken from the vagina’s lining. This creates a fully functional hymen with blood supply. This is the most effective way to restore the hymen.

Your surgeon should use dissolvable sutures to sew everything together so there’s no need to go back to removal. Normally, you would have to abstain from penetrative sex for 6 weeks for the first and third types of surgery. This allows for adequate healing time. Done well, the procedure should be completely undetectable even under medical examination.

How to be a Virgin – The Reasons for Restoration

So what would motivate someone to want to get their virginity back?
  • Religion or Culture

It might seem somewhat bizarre but some cultures find premarital sex religiously and socially unacceptable. The consequences for losing your virginity can be grave including divorce, rejection and shame. For this reason, women from such cultural backgrounds feel it’s important for the hymen to be intact especially prior to an intended marriage where virginity is a requirement.

  • Revirgination

If a woman begins a new relationship with a partner, she might want to give her new partner the honor of ‘breaking her virginity’. For this reason, she might seek to restore her virginity. 

  • Psychological Factors

In some cases, women who’ve lost their virginity as a result of sexual assault often opt for restoration as a form of psychological and emotional relief from the ordeal.

  • Injury

Some women desire to have an intact hymen when they first have sex. However, there is a possibility of the hymen tearing before then due to injury. The injury can be as a result of using tampons, intense exercise or masturbation. In such a case, they might choose to restore their virginity through surgery.

Possible Risks

Now that you know how to be a virgin again, what are the possible risks of going under the knife to restore the hymen? A hymenorrhaphy is generally safe, but like all surgeries, there is an element of risk involved. See below.

  • Infection – This is a risk for all surgical procedures. Most surgeons will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection as the wound heals.

  • Bleeding – After the hymenorrhaphy, you can expect to bleed for a few days. This should subside and go away on its own. If bleeding persists for too long, you should consult your doctor.

  • Stricture – When the hymen replacement surgery is done, there is a possibility for over-correction. This means that the new hymen is sewn in too tight causing the opening to the vagina to become too narrow. This will cause you to feel pain during penetrative sex. You don’t need to go back to your doctor as it can resolve without treatment.

Figuring out how to be a virgin again is only the first step. Make sure to consult a qualified physician to avoid any complications during and after the procedure. When the surgery is performed by a professional, the risks are greatly reduced.

If You Don’t Want the Surgery, Here Are the Ways to Tighten Your Vagina


Kegel Exercises

Also referred to as pelvic floor exercises, they can help make the pelvic muscles stronger when done regularly. They’re quite easy to do. Find the muscles you normally use to stop urinating. Now squeeze them for about 2 seconds and then relax for about the same length of time. Make sure not to tighten your thigh and stomach muscles as you do this. Make it part of your daily routine and add a second each week until you can squeeze the muscles for about 10 seconds at a go. Avoid doing kegels during urination as you can damage the bladder and increase your risk of getting a urinary tract infection.


Ben-Wa Balls

Ben-Wa Balls are originally from Japan and were used to heighten pleasure for men. The balls were inserted into the vagina where they floated freely during sex. Today, the balls come in a variety of sizes and material and are used to help tighten the pelvic muscles. When you place the balls inside the vagina, they help stimulate involuntary contractions of the pelvic muscles. This is down to the weight of the balls or by the vibrations produced when you’re walking. This constant contraction of the muscles helps you work out throughout the day. This is how to be a virgin again.


Healthy Diet

Working out your pelvic muscles will not work if you don’t eat right. You should eat a balanced diet composed of carbs, animal protein and veggies. This will create optimum conditions for the growth and repair of the PC muscles.



Gooseberries are rich in vitamin C, which helps tighten the vagina. Boil some gooseberries and store them in the fridge without draining the water. Just before you take a bath, apply some of the liquid to the walls of your vagina. This can help increase elasticity quickly and naturally. Do not overdo it as it can cause adverse effects.



This is one of the best tips on how to be a virgin again since it helps with your overall health. Exercises such as squats and yoga go a long way in complementing your kegel exercises. They target the pelvic muscles and make them stronger enabling you to enjoy sex more. Yoga poses such as the Child’s pose, Bridge pose and others are great for tightening the pelvic floor muscles. While squats can be a tad bit difficult to do at first, they’ll be a breeze after you get used to them, and your vagina will thank you for it. Remember to keep your spine in neutral and chest lifted while doing squats to avoid injury. If you’ve just given birth and are finding it hard to get any exercise done, you should hire a coach who will guide and keep you motivated.


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