Socializing and interacting with people open doors to new opportunities, develop relationships and bring more entertainment in your personal and professional life. Unfortunately, many people have trouble dealing with others. They feel nervous, self-conscious or shy around others. The good news is that if you are one of them, then here you will find great tips to overcome your social shyness and phobia and answer to your question how to be more social? It definitely takes time and requires a lot of practice but would make a big difference.

How to Be More Social in 12 Steps


Deal with your insecurities and be comfortable in your own skin

To learn being more social, it is important to address insecurities about your own personality and be grateful for what you are. Do not overlook your self-worth and learn to love yourself. No one is perfect and it is okay if you have wacky smile, crooked teeth, dull personality and poor communication skills. Do not let these negative thoughts hinder yourself in becoming socially comfortable.


Keep an optimistic thinking approach

Instead of focusing on your shortcomings, think about your strengths and try to enhance them. Always look at the brighter aspect of your life. You may have a goofy laugh but an attractive face and sparkling eyes. Do not avoid social gatherings in fear of being judged by others. You cannot control their mind but can influence their way of thinking by an optimistic approach. Think positive and let that vibe reflect out in your surroundings.


You are not under the spotlight

Shy and timid people constantly remain nervous about what other people think about themselves. They are afraid of being judged or criticized by others and this prevents them from being comfortable. Stop worrying and keep yourself away from irrational and negative thoughts. You are not the center of attraction or a super star that people will talk about all the time. They are too busy in their own lives and have no time to gossip around about you.


Stay calm and relax

If you remain nervous and worried about the upcoming meeting or social gathering, your brain will not work properly and it will be harder for you to socialize with people. So calm down and think about preparing for future events with relaxed mind and body.


Develop listening skills and ask people about themselves

People will adore your company if you genuinely show interest in listening to their conversation. This doesn’t mean that you should be curious enough to intrude in their personal life. Just show your concern by asking relevant questions. For example, if they mention something about their recent travel to some country, ask them the details of the places they visited and inquire about the new things or activities they performed. Keeping yourself engaged in their conversation gives an impression that you are companionate and friendly. It is a great tip to work on how to be more social?


Be confident and keep eye contact while talking to people

Make sure you have a confident outlook and an easily approachable personality in any social setup. Avoiding eye contact with people or showing weird gestures such as standing in the corner with crossed arms, or with a frowned look, or cracking your knuckles, or repeatedly texting or looking into your cell phone, or biting nails will make you distanced from people. Practice on overcoming these habits and welcome people into your life. Always give a nice smile and greet people by shaking hand or nodding.


Do not overthink about your past failures

If your past meeting with someone did not go as perfect as planned and that person didn’t enjoy your companionship, do not feel bad about it. Let it go and don’t over analyze the conversations that happened. If you stop yourself from socializing due to fear of rejection, then you would not be able to rejoice the company of amazing people. Always be happy and have a pleasant time with others.


Engage yourself in some volunteer activity

Volunteering not only helps you feel comfortable interacting with people but also give you confidence, satisfaction and happiness. Keep doing good deeds such as helping someone in gardening, going out shopping for your colleague, volunteering in local library, offering help to an elderly neighbor and so on. Slowly and gradually, you will learn to cope up with your nervousness and resolve the query of how to be more social?


Join a club or a meetup group that fascinates you

If you want to build your networking skill, join some club or a meetup group. To start with it, connect with like-minded people or start a group activity in which you can participate. This will open doors for you to make new friends and develop your social circle. If you can’t find a group that interests you then make your own meetup group, organize events and activities and develop some leadership qualities.


Meet and invite friends of friends

The best way to mingle with new people is to have someone with you that you already know. In this way, your mutual friend will introduce you to them and break the ice. Moreover, you have some things in common with these people which will help you mixing into the conversations.


Imitate confident people

Closely observe and learn the body language, posture, gestures and tone of the socially confident people. Practice their techniques in front of mirror and apply them in your daily life.


Give priority to your social life

Do not miss any opportunity to attend functions, meetings, family gatherings, seminars and networking events. Keep yourself engaged in building a rapport among people and in expressing your abilities.


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