Progesterone is a female sex hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands and ovaries. Not only does this hormone play a vital role in women's health, but also it is used to balance the reproductive system and is necessary for fertility. Progesterone is also vital for the development of a baby when a woman becomes pregnant. Having low levels of progesterone can lead to a number of problems in the pregnancy, with menstrual cycles and reproductive health. How to boost progesterone levels fast may be concerned by many women. Keep reading to learn some diet, lifestyle habits and medical intervention that would help.


Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is needed to help the body keep a balanced level of progesterone. It is also necessary for the liver to be able to break down estrogen. If there is an increase in estrogen levels, there will be lower levels of progesterone. Walnuts, beans, spinach, whole grains, red meats, and seafood all contain a significant amount of vitamin B6.



The mineral Zinc helps the body produce the right amount of progesterone and is needed to maintain healthy hormonal levels. Zinc promotes the release of follicle hormones to stimulate ovulation. This increases the production of progesterone as well as estrogen to keep the levels balanced. Lean red meats, dark chocolate, chick peas, watermelon, and pumpkin are all great sources of zinc.



Magnesium also helps maintain balanced hormone levels by increasing the production of progesterone. Spinach, okra, nuts, pumpkins, and black beans can be great foods to include in your diet to increase your magnesium intake.


Reduce stress

Being constantly stressed can decrease the progesterone levels in the body. When you are continuously stressed, the body has a difficult time producing cortisol hormones which are needed by the adrenal glands. When the body doesn't produce enough cortisol, it converts progesterone into cortisol.


Vitamin C

How to boost progesterone levels fast can be easily done by consuming enough vitamin C. Taking 750 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis can increase the production of progesterone in the body considerably.


Avoid estrogen rich foods

When the body takes in more estrogen, this will lead to lower amounts of progesterone. The body will often naturally balance the estrogen and progesterone levels, but this is made more difficult when you consume too many foods that are rich in estrogen. Soy products or foods high in sugar contain high amounts of estrogen and should not be eaten. Instead, try to include more cruciferous vegetables such as kale, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.


Avoid herbs that can increase estrogen levels

There are some herbs you want to avoid eating when you are trying to increase your progesterone levels. Blue and black cohosh, lavender, licorice, tea tree oil, and hops are just a few herbs you want to avoid. Consuming these herbs can increase the production of estrogen which, in turn, will reduce the levels of progesterone in the body.


Eat herbs that promote progesterone production

How to boost progesterone levels fast? Pay attention to the herbs you eat. While you want to avoid certain herbs, there are other herbs you want to consume more to help increase progesterone levels. Vitex or chaste berry is one herb that balances hormone levels by reducing estrogen and prolactin production. Prolactin is another hormone known to decrease progesterone levels when there are higher amounts of it in the body. Other herbs to consider include dill, turmeric, thyme, and oregano. 


Progesterone creams

There are natural progesterone creams that can help balance the progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. Mexican yam or wild yam is often the key ingredient in these creams which can be converted into progesterone. These creams are also nourishing because they contain a significant amount of vitamin E.



L-Arginine is a complex amino acid that is used during ovulation to ensure your body receives the right amount of blood flow. This blood flow is necessary to produce progesterone after the ovulation period. This is also beneficial because the increased blood flow helps with the production of cervical fluid to improve fertility. Consuming 6g of L-Arginine a day can greatly improve your progesterone levels. Try eating more turkey, chicken, peanuts, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds.


Vitamin E

Consuming 150mg and no more than 600mg of vitamin E on a daily basis can also help increase progesterone levels. Vitamin E works similarly to L-Arginine during ovulation as it helps increase the blood flow to promote healthy egg production. Almond, sunflower seeds, shrimp, trout and olive oil all contain high amounts of vitamin E which can help boost progesterone production.


Maintain a healthy diet

How to boost progesterone levels fast can be done by eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight. Eating a healthy diet can easily help balance your hormone levels. You want to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as lean red meats which can all promote progesterone production. Also, reduce the amount of saturated fats you consume and replace these with unsaturated fats. 


But how do you know you have low progesterone levels? Watch the video below to know that. 


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