Men and women alike strive to have an athletic body whether it's a gymnast's body, sprinter's body or more popular, a swimmer's body. Swimmer's body tend to fit but not too muscular and are proportional. To obtain this type of body, you tend to need to dedicate a significant amount of time at the pool every day like swimmers and this can be quite costly and not realistic for those who don't have access to a pool. If you still crave those tones muscles, defined abs, back and shoulder, it is still possible. This article will let you know how to get a swimmer's body whether you can get to the pool every day or not.

Tips to Get a Swimmer's Body


When you can get a swim, you want to do it more. The more you are able to get to a pool, the more your body will begin to adapt to using all of its muscles. While swimming, you want to keep up a moderate to intense pace and switch between several different styles of swimming. This will allow you to use more of the muscles groups throughout your body. Swimming not only helps burn calories but it also decreases the visceral fat production in the body while allows the body to use up the subcutaneous fat deposit. This is what ultimately will allow you to build more muscles and look toned and fit. You want to watch out the mistakes mentioned in the video below.


Pilates is a great exercise to include in your workout routine because it helps tone and build many of the same muscles that you notice on a swimmer's body. Completing 30 minutes of aerobic activity such as Pilates or jogging and running 5 days a week will not only help you build muscles, but will also improve your cardiovascular system while burning a significant amount of calories. The following Pilates video may be a starter.

Rowing Machines

How to get a swimmer's body when you can't get to a pool can be done by utilizing a rowing machine. Rowing machines work a number of the body's important muscles groups such as the shoulder, biceps, quadriceps and butt. You also give your core an intense workout which will help tone and tighten the abdominal region, lower back, and obliques. You can also use it as a warm up to you aerobic activity. You can get more helpful information from the video below. 

Lat Pulls

Lat pulls are done on a sitting machine which features a suspended bar that is attached to weights by a cord. The chair is positioned just under the bar and you grasp the bar with the arms shoulder width apart. Lean back just slightly, then pull the bar down towards your ribs. This machine will give your arms and upper back a workout that will help them tone and firm up.


Dips are a great exercise to perform because they mimic the resistant a swimmer feels underwater with the start and turn at the wall. This exercise will give you similar results to what performing a breaststroke while swimming will give. While you can use a dip bar, if you do not have access to one, you can utilize the monkey bars at you nearest park as well. How to get a swimmer's body with dips? To perform this exercise, you will position yourself on the bar with the hand's shoulder width apart and arms straightened. You want to slowly begin to lean your chest forward while lowering your body. Once you feel the front part of your shoulder begin to stretch, you should stop and then straighten your arms as you did at the beginning. There are also some mistakes you should avoid as the video below shows.


Planks are the ideal exercise to help work the core muscle specifically the abdominal, obliques and butt muscles. To get the most out of planking like stabilizing and building muscles, you want to use three different positions. Home position is the most common plank that resembles the start position of a push-up. Instead of keeping your arms straight for this plank, you want your forearms to be on the floor. Keep the body in a straight line and remember to support the lower back. Right and left planks are performed by turning your body to one side. Your body will be perpendicular to the floor while you support yourself on either the right or left arm. Begin holding your planks for at least 30 seconds and then gradually increase the time by 15 seconds. Or you can follow the instruction in the video below. 


How to get a swimmer's body isn't just about working out your body, you need to eat right as well. Since a majority of the exercising you will be doing is aerobic and strength training, you need to eat the right nutrients and number of calories. An average person should consume around 3,000 calories if they are working out 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Keep you diet balance but include more proteins, iron, calcium, omega 3 and polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. You also want to try and consume at least 20 grams of fiber.


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