Everyone is born with a unique personality that is determined by genetics and the environment they live in. However, there are certain personality traits that are universally accepted as pleasant and endearing. Inculcating these personality traits into your personality without losing your individuality, will help you evolve as an amiable human being who is respected and liked by all. This will increase your chances of living a successful personal and professional life.

How to Improve Personality


Be a Positive Person

Everyone likes to be around a person who emanates positive vibes. Positivity will help deal with stress efficiently. Developing a positive attitude towards life is an essential trait for a great personality. You can inculcate positive thoughts by surrounding yourself with optimistic people, reading books that instill positive thoughts about life and meditating to control your negative thoughts.


Read Everyday

Expand your wisdom and knowledge by reading good and informative books. Books will give you knowledge to approach life with a fresh perspective. In your professional life reading to upgrade your knowledge will improve your confidence levels at work. Reading to learn new things will also make your life interesting and give you freedom from the routine grind of life.


Be a good conversationalist

People are instantly attracted to someone who can communicate well and engage their attention. To be a good conversationalist you should improve your knowledge by reading books on various subjects. Being a good conversationalist is not only about talking, it is also about letting others talk. You should also be receptive to the new ideas that other people add to a subject. A good communication skill is an essential trait for a good personality.


Be a good listener

Whether people are sharing their ideas or their problems with you, being a good listener will project you as an amiable personality. It is common knowledge that people like to be around someone who make them feel important and take them seriously. So how to improve personality? Be a good listener and show people you care.


Be genuinely interested

Be genuinely interested in the people around you. Be it your co-workers, friends or family, show an interest on their goals and dreams. Chip in whenever and however you can with your encouragement and help. Constantly keep in touch and enquire about the developments in their life. This will ensure strong relationships in your life.


Appreciate the people around you

Don’t hesitate to show your appreciation to people. Be grateful for their contributions in your life. Don’t take people for granted. It’s natural for people to gravitate towards others who appreciate them.


Be honest and trustworthy

Project yourself as an honest and trustworthy person. Honesty adds so much value to your personality. A trustworthy and honest person can easily win people at home and at the workplace.


Expand your network

Constantly expand your social network. Make an effort to meet new people and develop new bonds of friendship. Meeting new people and conversing with them will expand your outlook on life and expose you to different cultures and perspectives. This will help you evolve as a versatile personality who can adapt to any situation.


Don’t criticize and judge

Accept that no one is perfect and all of us are constantly learning lessons in life. Instead of criticizing and judging people, communicate your ideas and feelings with them in a non-judgmental way. Don’t humiliate them for their mistakes. Give them a chance to rectify their faults. That way they will in turn be forgiving when they encounter your faults. Be it in the work place or with personal relationships or family life.


Be humorous

Try to infuse humor and fun into your life. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be an easy going and pleasant person. Diffuse stressful scenarios in the work place and home with humor in your conversations. Make people remember you as a fun person to be with. So how to improve your personality? By adopting humor in your daily life which makes you a fun personality to interact with.


Recognize your mistakes and accept it

The first step to rectifying your flaws is recognizing and acknowledging them. If someone gives you a constructive criticism about your mistakes, accept it graciously and take steps to rectify it. Be humble enough to accept the fact that no one is perfect and act pleasantly when you encounter criticism. A humble person who takes criticism positively is an endearing personality.

Practical Steps on How to Improve Personality

1. List all your personality traits you want to change.

2. Prioritize the ones you want to change immediately and list them separately.

3. Pick one of the traits from this list. Supposing you want to control your temper and come about as a less angry person; what are the things you can do to improve your temper? The strategy for controlling anger can be applied to other traits as well.

4. Identify the situations and people who provoke your anger.

5. Understand the reason behind your behavior for exhibiting anger.

6. Once you identify and understand the reason behind your behavior, face the situations that provoke your anger with improved awareness. If you already know that you are going to meet a person who might provoke you, plan strategies to deal with them without getting angry. Planning ahead will help you control your anger better.

7. Keep track of your progress by writing a journal. Set short deadlines for your progress and give yourself a treat whenever you had successfully completed your deadlines.

8. Be forgiving of your lapses and don’t be hard on yourself.

9. Be patient and understand that you cannot change your personality overnight. It is a slow process that takes a lot of self control and discipline.

To summarize to develop a positive trait in your personality: identify, understand, plan, track your progress and persist.


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