When it comes to Taurus men, it can be hard to tell when they actually like you in a romantic way and when they are just being themselves. Taurus personalities are highly likable and they tend to like most people they meet, so they naturally have an overly friendly vibe. You may be wondering if he is actually attracted to you and knowing the signs that he's interested will make it easier for you to decipher if he's is or is not just that into you. If you are finding yourself interested in a Taurus guy, you may be asking this question. Read on to learn the signs he's giving you that will let you know.

How to Know If a Taurus Man Likes You


He'll find a reason to touch you.

Taurus men know how much a simple touch can say. They have mastered the ways of getting close to you and touching you in a non-sleazy or obvious way. If you notice you guy of interest is touching you more, especially around the neck, he could be telling you he's interested in you.


He always seems to be around.

If you notice that he seems to show up wherever you seem to be more and more, then he's into you. Taurus guys will want to spend every moment with you every chance they get if he likes you. He'll want to go out with you a lot and spend a ton of time with you. While you may outgrow this phase, he definitely won't anytime soon.


He'll shower you with gifts.

Flowers at work, special deliveries at your home, etc., are small little tokens of his affection. These are all sure signs that he is attracted to you. Taurus men love to give gifts and they will only be of the best quality or astonishing beauty. Taurus guys are one of the few guys that are willing to go shopping with the women they are interested in.


He'll do more for you.

Mowing your lawn, doing the dishes, shoveling your car out of the snow. How to know if a Taurus man likes you? It can be a little obvious when he starts doing all those chores other guys would run the other way from. He'll try to impress you and show his affection by lending a helping hand more and more.


He'll prove he's reliable.

Taurus guys want you to know you can rely on them and will make you feel as though you can tell them anything. They want to help solve your problems, fix things and be the one there for you. If he really likes you, he will make sure you can depend on him and that you know you can count on him to come up with solutions to any problem.


He's shy.

Taurus men are very strong and confident, but when it comes to the woman of his affection, he can get quite shy. If he really likes you, he may seem more nervous around you and even act a little out of character or awkward. He may stumble on his words, fidget a bit more or laugh at his own nervousness… these are clear indications that he's into you.


He'll spoil you.

Taurus men like to enjoy life and all the finer things that make it more enjoyable. Go out to the finest restaurants, grand openings, art exhibits… he'll want to take you out to the best places and show you off. You can expect to be wined and dined a great deal.


He'll take things slow.

How to know if a Taurus man likes you? Take some time to figure out. That's because he will take his time in letting you know. Taurus men won't just jump into things; he will wait until he is absolutely certain you are the one and he will take time to make a plan on how to act on his feelings. While it may seem like he is ignoring you, there's a good chance he is just trying to say or do something around you.


He'll smile.

Taurus men like to enjoy themselves, so they smile often. If he likes you, you'll notice he smiles differently at you than with other people. He won't be able to hide how he feels about you and his smile can be an obvious indication that he's attracted to you.


He'll shower you with flowers.

As mentioned, Taurus guys love to give gifts, but flowers are something you can expect a lot of if he is really interested in you. He may start off by just giving you a single rose or something he picked on his way to work if you show him your appreciation; you can be sure to get plenty more in the future.


He'll be a friend first.

Taurus guys aren't the type to just 'play the field', they are looking for a serious partner, which is why they take their time letting you know they are interested in you. How to know if a Taurus man likes you can be difficult in the beginning since he will want to be friends first. You'll have to watch for the other subtle hints he's giving you like touching and hanging around you more that will give you a clear impression that he wants to be more than friends.


He'll be a little jealous and possessive.

It may not be one of his finest qualities, but Taurus men can get a little possessive and jealous. He may ask you a lot of question about what you did and who you were with as well as put himself physically between you and another male. This can be a bit of a turnoff for many women but this isn't a way for him to control you, just a way he shows that he cares about you and is looking out for you.


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