Every guy has done it, and it is perfectly normal to pleasure oneself. While there is nothing wrong with masturbating, doing it excessively can lead to some complications when you are trying to perform in the bedroom with someone else. Masturbating too much can sometimes lead to an addiction and have a negative effect on other areas of your life. So how to masturbate less may be a question you are asking and we've got some tips and tricks to help you limit how much you masturbate.


Be aware of your thoughts

Masturbating can become such a strong habit because we tend to visualize performing the act prior to actually doing it. The trick is to learn to train your brain by thinking of doing something instead of masturbating. When you catch yourself imagining that you will be masturbating at a later time, disrupt your thought process by visualizing yourself doing something else instead. This is the first step to exhibiting self-control over your actions.


Spend your time doing something else

Find a hobby or something that will make you feel good, aside from pleasing yourself, to fill your time with. Writing, painting, drawing, playing an instrument or any other creative activities are great options to keep yourself occupied. Playing sports, volunteering or learning a new hobby or picking up an old one like cooking or gardening will give you the same gratification you feel when masturbating.


Have a plan

How to masturbate less will involve formulating a plan to help you resist the temptation to masturbate. Most people have a go-to time or activity that triggers their urge to masturbate. Often right before bed or in the shower are the most common times when men will masturbate. You will want to formulate a plan that will help you resist the urge to do the deed. If you feel the need to masturbate before you fall asleep, do some light exercise instead; while in the shower, make sure you use cold water to help combat the urge. 


Spend less time alone

In most instances, you will masturbate when you are alone or feeling lonely. Limit the time you spend alone by expanding your social circle. Keep yourself engaged with other by joining different clubs, accepting more invitation to go out, and participate in more activities outside your home. The less time you spend alone in your home, the less likely you will be to masturbate. This could mean simply going for a walk, sitting at a coffee shop, or heading to a sports bar to watch your favorite game. The key idea is to keep you around other people and away from the comfort of your own home where you will be more tempted to masturbate.


Turn off the porn

Having easy access to porn on your computer may be increasing the number of times you masturbate. Since you know you can easily turn yourself on by watching porn whenever you want, your desire to do so can be difficult to resist. You will need some willpower to turn off and keep the porn off your computer. Install porn-blocking software, create a reminder to pop up on your computer and set up any other precautions needed to keep you from watching porn on your computer.


Don't berate yourself

You shouldn't feel ashamed about masturbating; it is a perfectly normal thing that just about everyone does. Constantly thinking about how others would disapprove of it doesn't get your mind off of doing it; in fact, it keeps you thinking about it even more. Don't dwell on the idea of having a masturbation issue, instead commit to overcoming the addiction and move forward. Also, remember there are many asking themselves how to masturbate less as well, you're not alone.


It will get easier

When you believe that you can overcome you masturbation addiction, you are a step closer to actually doing it. Once you have the belief, the actions will begin to follow. Yes, some days will be more difficult than others. There will be days where you masturbate when you said you wouldn't. Don't fall into the trap since you already masturbate once, you can just keep on doing it that day since you've already failed for the day. Instead, accept that you did it and commit to not doing it again for the rest of the day.


When should you seek help?

If you feel like you have tried all these methods plus some and you still can't keep a handle on your masturbation, it might be time to seek out some additional help. Your church, psychologist, psychiatrist and other counselors can all be professional for you to turn to when nothing else is working. Do not feel ashamed as they have already assisted someone else with the same problem and they are bound to keep your conversation confidential.


Be patient but persistent

Reducing how much you masturbate will not happen overnight. It will take some time to go through the process and will take a lot of willpower and commitment. You might relapse and you might struggle, but be persistent. Set up rewards for yourself and not let the little slips up get your down.


A little masturbation is OK

You don't have to have an all or nothing mentality when figuring out how to masturbate less, a little bit of masturbation is good for you. If you feel like you are spending too much time masturbating, then begin by setting time limits for yourself. Cut back slowly by limiting the number of days you masturbate. If you masturbate every day a week, then stick with just 6 days for two weeks. Every two weeks subtract another day and don't feel like you need to masturbate more on the days you allow yourself masturbate because you aren't doing it on the other days.


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