Are you often overcome by the desire to just sit around doing nothing? Laziness is simply a period of inactiveness and desire to just let things stay as they are. It is common for us to feel lazy. This is especially true if you have had a long day at work, or when it’s really hot or cold. While it can be allowed every once in a while, it can also be a problem if it happens too often.

For you to be productive, be able to carry out chores, work with efficiently, achieve success and lead a happy life, it is important to for you to learn how to overcome laziness.

11 Most Helpful and Practical Ways to Overcome Laziness


Breaking Down Tasks to Smaller Manageable Ones

One of the reasons we avoid getting chores or work done is because we might find them too much to do at a go. Therefore, we end up postponing doing them as we imagine it will take up too much of our time.

By breaking up tasks to smaller manageable ones, we can easily solve this problem. This way, each smaller task doesn’t look like too much to do. These smaller tasks will not require too much time and effort to be completed.

This method is not only effective at beating laziness, but also comes in handy in all other areas in our lives that require time and effort to be done. This helps tone down the urge to resist working.


Exercising, Resting and Sleeping

Wondering how to overcome laziness? Pay attention to your energy levels. Sometimes, low body energy levels can cause laziness. If you suspect that the laziness might be caused by low energy levels, it is important to give your body the rest it deserves. You can decide to take a power nap or go out for a short walk just for fresh air. Exercising is also a great way to relax.


Motivate Yourself

In some cases, laziness can be as a result of lacking motivation. To overcome this hurdle, you can try to motivate yourself through words of affirmation, creating a mental picture of what you’ll have achieved once the task is done and why it is important that you get this task done.


Consider the Benefits

We can all agree that being lazy is not something to be proud of. Most of the time, we are unable to overcome laziness simply because we focus on the difficulty of completing the task. When you do this, you will get discouraged which will lead to laziness. To overcome laziness, it is important to focus on the benefits of getting things done. These may include getting some free time for yourself, meeting deadlines at work or something as simple as having an organized and neat house.


Know the Consequences of Being Lazy

Whenever you feel laziness creeping in, it is best to practice tough love on yourself. Think about the consequences of laziness, and think of what will happen when the task is not done. This is a great idea for tasks at work where you have deadlines to meet. Thinking about the consequences of not getting the work done can work as a motivator for you to complete the assignment.


One Thing at a Time

Still not sure how to overcome laziness? If you are faced with a situation where you have a lot of tasks to complete, pick a task at a time instead of trying to do all of them at once. Decide how many minutes you will spend on one task before you move on to the next. Never move to the next task before completing the current one. Also, avoid spending too much time on one task as this leads to procrastination. With time, you will realize that almost all the tasks are done and that you used very little time to get them done.


Sort out Personal Issues

Sometimes, life can become overwhelming and a bit cluttered. When this happens, you will find yourself shutting down and preferring to sit around doing nothing as opposed to getting things done.

If you find that your life is suddenly overwhelming and is affecting your productivity, you should consider uncluttering your life both at home and at work. To do this, take some time to come up with a list of all the things you are required to do each day, personally and professionally.


Celebrate Little Achievements

Sometimes in your quest to overcome laziness, you tend to get discouraged along the way. This is especially so if you have too much to do. To ensure you do not lose focus, take a few minutes break in between tasks just to reflect on how much you have achieved. When you see how far you have come, and how much you have managed to do, it will give you motivation to do more and look forward to completing the work. You can also come up with a reward for the time you finish the task. To make it juicier, you can put a time limit for completing the tasks. This will motivate you to work harder for the reward.


Love What You Do

Nowadays, very few people love their jobs. However, learning to love what you do can go a long way in ensuring you overcome laziness. While this may seem hard for most people, it is ideal for you to learn how to love what you do. Your role, no matter how small, makes a whole difference in the organization. Having a positive mindset about what you do can go a long way in getting things done swiftly.


Developing New Habits

The greatest cause of laziness is postponing tasks. The problem with this is that you’ll never really come around to doing the task, at least not to completion. When the time set aside comes, you’ll still feel as unmotivated as you were when assigning that time to that task. Postponing tasks is a habit. To break this habit, you will need to create a new habit that counters this one. Create a habit of being active. Strive to complete tasks as they come up as opposed to having them pile up. With time, you will fully develop this habit.


Maintain Consistency

How to overcome laziness? Once you have mastered the art of overcoming laziness, it is important to remain consistent. This way, you will avoid falling back to your old habit. Just like overcoming an addiction, it will only take a few moments of laziness for you to get back to where you started.


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