The face is one of the first things people will notice about you. While you should love the way you look, there are some of us that simply wish our face wasn't as full or even chubby. Knowing how to reduce face fat can help you feel more confident with your looks. You'll want to read on to learn some helpful tips and tricks to get that natural looking slim face.



  • Chin lifting. This simple exercise can help reduce the appearance of a double chin as it stretches the neck and jaw muscles. For this exercise, you can sit or stand. Tilt your head up to the ceiling and tightening your lips as if you are trying to kiss someone. Keep your lips tight for a count of ten and then relax. Repeat this process ten times.

  • Lip pulls. This is a yoga facial exercise that can give you a natural face lift. When done regularly, the lip pull can help lift the muscles in the face, resulting in a more youthful look with high or defined cheekbones and jawline. This exercise can be done when sitting or standing. Start with your head in a relaxed and normal position, then lift the lower lip by pushing out the lower jaw. You should feel a slight stretch along the chin muscles and around the jawline. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds before relaxing. Repeat this exercise ten times.

  • Jaw release exercises. One of the most effective ways to reduce the double chin, slim down the jawline and give yourself higher cheekbones is by doing the jaw release exercise. For this exercise, you want to stand or sit with your posture straight. Begin moving your jaw as if you were chewing, keeping the lips closed. Breathe in and out deeply as you open your mouth wide. You want the tongue to remain pressed between the bottom teeth. Hold your mouth opened wide like this for five seconds and close the mouth and continue with your chewing movement. Repeat this process ten times.

  • Fish face exercise. How to reduce face fat by making a fish face? This exercise can be done anywhere and will help tone up your cheekbones. Simply suck in the cheeks and corner of the mouth. Hold for a count of five. Repeat this exercise ten times.

  • Air blowing exercise. This exercise can reduce the excess fat around the cheeks and the double chin look. For this exercise, you want to sit on a chair with a straight posture. Tilt your head back to the ceiling and pull the lips so you can blow air out of the mouth. Do this for ten seconds before relaxing. Repeat ten times.

  • Close your eyes. You can sit or stand for this simple exercise; the thing to remember is that you want to feel the contractions of the face muscles. Just firmly close your eyes and hold them tightly closed for ten seconds before relaxing. Repeat this process ten times.

  • Stretch the muscles. For this exercise, you want to lower the chin towards the chest and use your hands to stretch the skin just below the cheekbones. Hold this position for a minute and repeat the process three times a day.

  • Smile. Smiling more will stretch the muscles of the cheeks more and reduce the appearance of any fat. Simply remind yourself to smile more through the day to help slim down your face.


Reduce overall body fat

You cannot just rely on exercising alone to get a slimmer face, your diet will have a lot to do with it as well. How to reduce face fat with your diet? One of the first things you need to consider is the number of calories you consume. If you reduce the number of calories you consume, the body will begin to burn the extra fat you have stored. The neck and jaw are the first places your body will take this fat from.


Keep yourself hydrated

When you keep your body hydrated, you will reduce the amount of bloating that can occur in the face. Water helps clear toxins from the body while also improving the look of your skin. You should try to drink 64 or more ounces of water a day to keep your body hydrate and your face looking slimmer.


Eat a healthy diet

As mentioned, your diet has a lot to do with how slim your face will look and how healthy your skin will appear. Limit the amount of processed foods you consume and eat more clean foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, protein and fiber rich foods are ideal. Avoid foods that have a high salt content, sugar, and processed carbs as these can all increase the fat stored in the body or cause bloating and water retention.


Learn about food intolerance you might have

Food allergies, gastrointestinal issues, and hormone imbalances can cause the face to be fuller. It is best to consult your doctor if you feel you might have a gluten allergy, irritable bowel syndrome or another medical problem that could be making it more difficult to keep the weight off.


Get enough sleep

Getting the proper amount of sleep is vital to maintain a healthy life but it is also necessary to reduce weight gain. Not getting enough sleep results in the body being fatigued which can cause bloating and weakening the muscles in the face, causing them to sag. How to reduce face fat with sleep? Stick to a regular sleep schedule and aim for at least 7 hours of sleep each night.


Other ways to slim your face

There are a few more ways you can help slim down your face that you would have never thought.

  • Blowing up balloons, for instance, tones the muscles in the cheeks. Blow up a balloon and then release the air and repeat 10 times.

  • Covering your face with a hot towel will cause the face to sweat which can reduce the fat stored there. Cover the face with a hot towel for a few minutes every day and the steam can help slim your face.

  • Chewing gum is another way you can work the muscles in your face and help slim it down. Be sure to chew sugar-free gum and chew for 20 minutes a day.

  • Facial massage will help stimulate the blood circulation to the face. Work ginseng or wheat germ oil in with the palm of your hands starting at the chin, go in a circular motion up towards the forehead.


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