The uncontrollable desire to gamble is an addiction that a number of people are unaware they have. Gambling addiction can lead to a number of financial, emotional and social consequences from losing your job, becoming depressed to being looked at as untrustworthy by friends and family. Just like any addiction, the sooner to overcome the addiction, the better. But how to stop gambling for an addict isn't as simple as just stopping. This article will reveal some helpful tips and suggestion that can help overcome your gambling addiction.


See that you do have a problem

Just like with any addiction, the first step is always admitting that you have a problem. Most gambling addicts deny having a problem until it is too late and the destruction of their life has been made. It isn't until the problem is out of control that they begin to see the problem. Denial is common among many addicts and it isn't until they can no longer hide or ignore the problems the addiction is causing, do they stop trying to deny they have a problem.


Support groups

Attending a self-help group can be a great way to help learn and implement techniques that will reduce the urge to gamble. These support groups are not just for the person with the addiction. There are also supports groups for family members and loved ones who know someone with a gambling addiction. These types of groups can help loved ones learn how they can be supportive through the process of recovery.


Cognitive behavioral therapy

Seeking professional help can be one of the most beneficial ways to overcome a gambling problem. Through various therapy sessions, the addict will learn what cause the destructive behavior, gambling, and how to cope and better manage this behavior.


Plan out your days

When you are trying to stop gambling, it is important to have a plan that will decrease the chances of you gambling when you have free time. Most gamblers get bored easily, which is why the gamble is so often. Planning out your days can help you better fill your free time with other activities that will divert you from heading to the casino. How to stop gambling will take a little effort in making plans for times in your day when you might become bored.


Try new things

Trying to stop gambling will free up a lot of your time to pursue other adventures. It is important to set new goals and try different things to fill the space that gambling used to take up. Find stimulating activities that will allow you to use your problem-solving skills whenever you get the urge to gamble.


Reduce your stress

Dealing with stress can trigger the desire to gambling instantly. This is because those with addiction use their addiction to help cope and manage their stress. Finding a more positive way to handle stress can reduce your chances of gambling. Try meditation or exercising when you begin feeling stressed and incorporate these activities into your daily routine to help reduce stress.


Associate gambling with negative consequences

While you gamblers are aware of the damage the addiction can cause, they often try to reason the consequences with positive outcomes. Instead of thinking of how much you can win, since most often you will lose, associate the gambling behavior with the negative outcomes. When you feel the urge to gamble, remind yourself only of the negative consequence and what you lose when you gamble.


Be aware of your triggers

There are certain things that can cause a person to be more likely to gamble. If you are used to betting on sporting events, it might be best to avoid the media around these events. If special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, or business events, send you into a gambling frenzy, have mechanism in place prior to these events to help reduce your urge to gamble.


Make the decision

How to stop gambling starts with your decision of stopping doing it. When you wake up, tell yourself that you will not gamble in any way, whether it is at a casino, online or just with friends. At first, it might be difficult and overwhelming to commit to an entire day without gambling; some may only be able to commit to the present hour or minute. However, it doesn't matter whether you decide not to gamble for an hour or a day, what matters is you make the decision not to do it.


Find a hobby

Whether it is something you use to love doing or something that you have always wanted to learn to do, finding a hobby can be highly beneficial to stop gambling. Those who have a gambling addiction tend to forget the things they used to love doing before they started gambling and often lost interest in things because of their desire to gamble. Finding a hobby can help you occupy your time more wisely and boost your self-esteem.


Ask friends or family to help

When it comes to overcoming a gambling addiction, one of the best things you can do is to allow someone else to have temporary control over your money. Do not try to convince yourself that you can resist the urge to gamble, and just be honest with yourself. Giving someone else control over your money will make it more difficult for you to access it, which reduces the chances of gambling.


Look at your finances

Gambling addiction causes serious strains on an individual's finances and the financial problem it causes can be unmanageable. The stress that is brought on from all the financial issues will only result in more gambling. Seek out a financial adviser that can help manage and gain control over your finances again.


Surround yourself with the right people and environment

How to stop gambling has as much to do with the environment you put yourself in as it does with the actual act. If you are constantly in a negative environment or surround yourself with people who will only encourage or provoke you to gamble, you will have a more difficult time stopping it. Instead, find a more positive and support environment that will help you quit gambling.


Be grateful

Starting a gratitude journal can be a positive way to remember how much better you life is when you are not gambling. Being more grateful for the things you do have will result in you being less likely to gamble to feel better about your life.


One day at a time

Overcoming a gambling addiction will take some time and you shouldn't keep torturing yourself over the things that have happened in the past. Most gamblers continue to gamble to make up for losses that occurred yesterday or last week and you need to shift your attention to what is happening in the present. Forget about any losses that happen yesterday and take the recovery one day at a time.


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